Glass Orb of Doom

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A round crystal ball the size of your hand, with a treacherous red glow dancing amidst dark vapors inside. It bears an aura of Libila. It emits a sense of power.


  • The glass orb itself is 99QL and is worth a lords ransom : 2.5 Gold.
  • Activation (use) starts a 20 second countdown, at the end of which a infected wound is dealt to all players and mobs within a 5x5 centred on the user, with chance to resist it completely based on soul strength. Ignores armor and can do up to 50 damage before DR.
  • Has an extremely high chance to fail upon use, if it fails it will instead kill the user unless they resist it.
  • Has a 1 hour cooldown between uses. Uses 10 charges.

Examples of use

The Orb of Doom was used twice in early April 2012 during a battle on the Elevation Server of the Epic cluster in which The Mongol Empire killed (approximately) 44 players from all other kingdoms. At this point it had a cooldown of only 10 minutes.

[20:06:07] A pulse surges through the air. Moirai activates the Orb of Doom! (Sending end)

[20:06:27] A deadly field surges through the air from the location of Moirai and the Orb of Doom! (Receiving end)

[20:50:59] A pulse surges through the air. Moirai activates the Orb of Doom! (Sending end)

[14:29:21] Evarya uses her Orb of Doom! [14:29:21] Evarya is dead. R.I.P. (Failed use)


This artifact was first revealed on Wild (now Chaos) by Jotz 7-15-2009