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A character can suffer wounds or injuries from creature attacks (and player attacks on PvP servers) as well as falling, thorns, drowning, and other mishaps. Wounds are shown under the affected body part in the player's inventory window under the expanded "body" tab. Pets and other creatures can also suffer wounds, but only from combat. Wounds on creatures can be examined by right-clicking the creature and selecting look > equipment from the options.

Medium, bad, and severe wounds will need treatment. Bandaged medium wounds heal on their own again but very slow and maybe only below 25%, need further investigation.

Head injuries cause your characters to have minor concussion effects (lowering the effective level of mind logic). For example for a person who has the ability to queue 3 extra actions, a light bruise to the head can cause the number of extra actions queuable to be reduced.

Wound Severity

Wounds vary in damage, and the severity of wounds is based on the size of the wound as a fraction of the character's or creature's total health. Wound severity is one of the main factors determining how fast a wound will heal or worsen. Healing/worsening happens at a healing tick which occurs every 10 minutes after the wound was suffered. Note: The below factors are only a base line. Nutrition and fat levels as well as deed healing bonus also play a part in healing.

  • Very light. 0-5% damage. These wounds will naturally heal at 10 health points (HP) each healing tick (5 points of damage for a basic character).
  • Light. 5-15% damage. Light wounds naturally heal at 8 HP/tick (4 points of damage for basic character).
  • Medium. 15-30% damage. Medium wounds will not heal without treatment. If the wound has an infection or the character is underfed, a medium wound may worsen to bad.
  • Bad. 30-45% damage. Bad wounds naturally worsen at 8 HP/tick, so a character with such a wound must be treated or the wound will turn into a severe.
  • Severe. 45% and up. Severe wounds worsen at 10 HP/tick. They must be treated or the wound will worsen until the character dies.

Wound Types

Each wound is displayed with its type, which is usually related to how the wound was suffered. Wound type will allow or prohibit what healing may be used. Wounds can generally be treated with bandaging, healing covers, or spells and exceptions are noted below.

  • Bite. Inflicted by many animal, bites are treated normally.
  • Bruise. Inflicted by mauls and clubs, or by many animal attacks. In addition to normal treatments, bruises may also be treated with farmer's salve.
  • Burn. Inflicted by lava and lava creatures, burns can also be inflicted with some enchanted weapons. Treated normally.
  • Cut. Inflicted by sharp weapons such as axes and treated normally.
  • Hole. Inflicted by stabbing weapons and similar animal attacks. Treated normally.
  • Water. Suffered when character begins drowning (moving in water after stamina is gone), all water damage will stack as a single wound. It can only be treated by getting out of the water and waiting a short amount of time (approximately 10 minutes), or by magical healing.
  • Poison. Inflicted by fog spiders, bees from wild bee hives or bee hives, or specially enchanted weapons or similar magical effects. Poison wounds can only be treated with healing covers, farmer's salve and magical healing.
  • Acid. Inflicted by Spawn of Uttachas and the sorcery spell karma missile. Can be bandaged with cotton and treated with water similarly a healing cover, but not with a healing cover.
  • Infection. Inflicted by specially enchanted weapons or similar magical effects. Infected wounds may worsen more rapidly (or heal slower), but can be treated normally.
  • Internal. Inflicted by drakespirit. Can be healed with farmer's salve, healing covers and by healing spells (Fo priest).

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