Golden Valley (server)

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Golden Valley is the tutorial server. Every player starts here, and after completing the tutorial, will have to choose between the player servers.

Freedom Isles

  • Independence PvE
  • Deliverance PvE
  • Exodus PvE
  • Celebration PvE
  • Xanadu PvE
  • Chaos PvP - this was the Wild server before it was renamed and brought into the Freedom Isles cluster

Epic servers

  • Elevation PvP - all Epic and Player made kingdoms. Premium accounts only.
  • Desertion PvP - Mol-Rehan kingdom
  • Affliction PvP - Horde of the Summoned kingdom
  • Serenity PvP - Jenn-Kellon kingdom

More details on the servers can be found on the server types page.

Players used to be able to stay permanently on Golden Valley after completing the tutorial, but this is no longer possible for new players. Some older players still remain however.