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Disclaimer: This article is not an official document. It attempts to accurately describe current policy and statements made by the developers, but should not be taken as binding or otherwise limiting. If an authoritative statement is required, it should be requested directly from Rolf.


Wurm currently has the following types of servers that players can access:

  • Tutorial (Also known as Golden Valley)
  • Freedom cluster PvE (Independence, Deliverance, Exodus, Celebration, Pristine, Release and Xanadu)
  • Freedom cluster PvP (Chaos, which used to be called Wild)
  • Epic PvP (Elevation, Desertion, Affliction, and Serenity)
  • Challenge PvP (also know as Storm)

Other servers

There is a test server which allows testing of new game content.

Valrei, a moon of Wurm, has a special server on which battles between the gods take place. We mere-mortals can not visit the moon with our avatars, but we can follow these events remotely via a twitter feed and maps. Avatars on the Epic servers can assist their god by completing missions, and can potentially be rewarded for their efforts. See Scenarios for more information.

Finally there is a logon server which is part of the Wurm infrastructure used to manage accounts. If this server is down, no accounts can logon to any of the other servers.

Server travel map

You can sail across some server borders, depending on which cluster it belongs to. This will leave your skills and items intact. Animals cannot cross server borders. NOTE: If you are traveling across server borders, make sure all passengers are logged into the ship prior to crossing the border. Players logged off when a ship crosses the border may be left at their last log-in position on the previous server.

The ingame world map shows the standard connections between servers on the Freedom cluster:


In addition, there is a new option allowing you to directly determine which server you will be travelling to when crossing a server border. To select your destination choose "Plot course" from the boat's context menu. You will see a window like this:


You will arrive on the opposite side of the destination server, for example: if you leave the east coast of server A and sail eastward you will appear at the west coast of server B.

In order to travel between the Freedom cluster and the Epic cluster, you can use an Epic portal. Please read here what happens to your skills and items!

Server type summary

The following table summaries the features of the player servers.

Cluster Freedom Epic Challenge
Server name Independence Deliverance Exodus Celebration Pristine Release Xanadu Chaos Elevation Desertion Affliction Serenity Storm
Genesis June 17th
September 7th
September 15th
May 31st
Dec 12th
Dec 18th
June 3rd
May 5th
April 15th
November 1st
October 10th
November 1st
December 10st
Server size in tiles 4096x4096 2048x2048 2048 x2048 2048x2048 2048x2048 2048x2048 8192x8192 4096x4096 4096x4096 2048 x2048 2048 x2048 2048 x2048 2048 x2048
Starter town The Howl Green Dog Esert Tap Dance Blossom Sloping Sands

Vrock Landing

Hunters Lodge
The Landing
Gold Coast
The Shroud
High Hopes (JK)
Flamma (MR)
Gloomshade (BL)
Glittershore Blackbone Strongbox Leymart (MR Far Base)
Fire fangs(MR Forward Base)
Two Shores(JK Far Base)
Dim Lake(JK Forward Base)
Hacksorrow(HOTS Far Base)
Mad Door(HOTS Forward Base)
Kingdoms Freedom Freedom,
Horde of the Summoned,
and Player Made Kingdoms
and Player Made Kingdoms
MR [1] HOTS [1] JK [1] JK,MR, HOTS,
and Player Made Kingdoms
PvP Limited. Dueling and Sparring with other players if both parties consent. Yes [2] Yes Yes. Enemy kingdoms receive
a combat rating penalty.
Theft No Yes
Guard towers Optional Needed to claim kingdom land. Optional
Deeds Yes. Can be planted anywhere
as server is all one kingdom.
Yes. Can only be planted in
land claimed by kingdom.
Yes. Can be planted anywhere
as server is all one kingdom.
Yes. Can only be planted in
land claimed by kingdom.
Artifacts No Yes No Yes
Priests White Light gods only. Vynora, Fo, and Magranon All gods. Vynora, Fo, Magranon, and Libila
Champions No Yes No Yes
Account Types Premium and Basic Free Premium[4]
GM activity High Minimal Limited[5]
Scenarios No Yes No
The Curve No Yes Yes
Double skillgain No Yes 20x faster than Epic
Spy protection No Yes No
[1] Enemy kingdoms can still be on this server, but they cannot create towers or deeds.
[2] Possible to attack other players, but you will become an outlaw. In PvP zones however you can attack all players.
[3] Only applies to natural veins. A Rod of Transmutation will create a 99QL vein. (From Rolf : This is expected)
[4] The first round of the Storm server was free-to-play so everyone had premium accounts.
[5] Also please note that the nature of this server means that GM presence is very limited, so please keep our no reimbursement policy in mind if you lose your stuff for whatever reason.

Server type details

Tutorial server

The Tutorial server (Golden Valley) is where all new accounts are created. The aim of the tutorial is to introduce the player to the game mechanics. Players may then move on from the tutorial area to any of the player servers using portals. (Premium must be purchased to be able to move to the Elevation server.)

Premium time has no effect till the player leaves the server, as the Tutorial server only allows basic accounts. Thus skills are limited to a maximum of 20 and resource quality is also limited to 20. There are no gods or altars present on the Tutorial server.

The tutorial was built on the Golden Valley server. New players are spawned in the tutorial area and cannot leave other than through the portals to the Epic and Freedom servers. However accounts that were active before the tutorial was created are currently able to stay outside the tutorial area. These accounts are able to transfer to the other servers, but some have chosen to remain. PvP, theft, deeds, and guard towers are not allowed on the Tutorial server.

Freedom servers cluster 1

The entire area of each server is automatically claimed as Freedom kingdom territory, so guard towers are not required to plant deeds.

Griefing is frowned upon, and is a potentially bannable offense. GMs will police these servers as needed, but ideally the game rules should take care of things automatically. Moderators police the kingdom chat channels to ensure the chat rules are followed.

The original Freedom server was Independence. The second one was Deliverance, which is situated to the south of Independence. This was followed by Exodus, to the south of Deliverance.

The old Wild server became the fourth server to join Freedom. It is now known as the Chaos server and can be accessed by sailing across the west border of any of the three servers above. However, sailing back east across the border from Chaos will only take you to Deliverance.

Later, Celebration release note was added to the south of Exodus. At this time, it is not directly connected to Chaos.

All of the freedom clusters were connected when Xanadu was opened to the east of this cluster.

Freedom servers cluster 2

Follows Freedom servers rule set (see above). This is a new cluster starting with Pristine at the official release of Wurm Online 1.0 which wasn't connected to freedom cluster 1 for one and a half years in order to provide that total newbie feeling. The second server in this cluster was Release, which is situated to the South border of Pristine. Sailing west from either of these servers leads you to Xanadu.

Freedom servers cluster 3

The new Freedom server of Xanadu was isolated from the other servers for a few weeks. After that, it was connected to freedom cluster 1 to the west and freedom cluster 2 to the east. Sailing west from Xanadu leads you to Deliverance and sailing east from Xanadu leads you to Release.

Chaos server

The Chaos server is a PvP enabled Freedom cluster server. It can be access by sailing west from Independence, Deliverance, or Exodus. Upon arriving here you are automatically in the Freedom Isles kingdom and can join other Player Made Kingdoms. Sailing back East to Deliverance will put you back in the Freedom Isles kingdom, while returning to Chaos will put you back to whatever kingdom you were in when you left. Full PvP is enabled here between the Freedom Isles and Player Made Kingdoms. You can fully raid deeds, pick locks and bash things on deed.

GMs generally avoid intervening in PvP server affairs. However, excessive griefing and other violations of the game rules will be punished as appropriate.

Epic servers

Please refer to Epic Cluster for more information on these servers.

Challenge server

Please refer to Challenge for more information on this server.

Test server

The test server exists to test large game updates before they are added to the main servers.

Server list

Name Land Name Type Twitter Status Battles[7]
Jenn001[6] Login Login n/a n/a n/a
Jenn001[6] Golden Valley Tutorial Golden Valley GV GV
Freedom001 Independence Freedom Independence Indi Indi
Freedom002 Deliverance Freedom Deliverance Deli Deli
Freedom003 Exodus Freedom Exodus Exo Exo
Freedom004 Celebration Freedom Celebration Cele Cele
Freedom005 Pristine Freedom Pristine Pris Pris
Freedom006 Release Freedom Release Rel Rel
Freedom007 Xanadu Freedom Xanadu Xan Xan
Wild001 Chaos Freedom Chaos Server Chaos Chaos
Epic001 Elevation Epic Wild epicserv1 Ele Ele
Epic002 Affliction Epic HOTS home server epicserv2 Aff Aff
Epic003 Desertion Epic Mol-Rehan home server epicserv3 Des Des
Epic004 Serenity Epic Jenn-Kellon home server epicserv4 Ser Ser
Challenge001 Storm Challenge Storm Sto Sto
Valrei Valrei Home of the gods Valrei n/a n/a
  • [6] The Golden Valley entry server and the Login server are hosted on the same physical server.
  • [7] Ranks and Max Ranks (if applicable) can be found at the bottom of the lists.