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Proposed Re-Write

I'd like to revisit this guide for the following reasons.

  • Information is repeated here and on the skill/item/guide specific pages. I'd like to remove having to update two pages when mechanics change.
  • This is a very long article and can be confusing to new players, even I got confused reading it. I'd like to group things up and refer to other articles rather than re-writing in here.
  • Putting tasks into chunks makes it easier to follow, this is currently a text wall.

Below is an example of how we could group up a task.

Preparing the area

After you've found a suitable location away from player settlements and their perimeter, you will need to prepare the area you propose to build on. To plan your house the ground needs to be completely flat and clear of trees, bushes and other obstacles. This can be done by using the tools you start the game with. The following check-list will get you started.

  • Remove trees.
  • Flatten the ground where you wish to plan your deed. All tiles must be the same level/height. It may be an idea to make sure the surrounding 1 or 2 tiles are also flat so you don't run into problems later.
  • Move any large man-made unwanted objects away, if possible. Right click on an object to see if it's movable.
  • Create a mallet.
Any trees which you cut down will be helpful in building your house, so don't dispose of these

Please let me know your thoughts --Marni (talk) 10:20, 8 January 2013 (CST)

I like the idea, the page is a textwall like you say and too easy to get lost, this should be a redirect page.

This guide has to be rewritten entirely as it is highly inaccurate and a shame for the community. -Adje