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A Mallet
  • Mallet (1.20 kg)
Skill and improvement
Main / Skills / Carpentry / Mallet


A hammer with a thick head made entirely from wood. Normally used to bonk other wooden things together. It is made from [wood type].

Mallet is a wooden tool, generally used for pounding items together. Used in carpentry and leatherworking.


  • Improving items: Right-click on an item and select "Hammer".
  • Planning structures: Right-click on an empty tile to plan buildings, or right-click on any empty tile border to plan fences, gates, and walls.
  • Viewing slope heights while hovering over a tile border when activated
  • Modifying plain stone walls into the trimmed, Stone wall variant.


  • Shaft quality determines success rate.
  • Mallet head quality determines max QL and wood type. It is quite possible that the mallet created has the same quality as your shafts had right off the bat.
  • Mallets that are made out of oak, like all other wooden tool items, will take less damage when used.
  • Improving a mallet will require a second mallet at times.