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A particular catastrophic event that occurred in April of 2007 approximately a year after the initial Gold release of Wurm (those JK-Home and Wild maps now referred to as Goldv1 or Gold-1). The server hard-drives were damaged beyond recovery, and the only surviving backups dated back to January of that year.

As a result of the lost data, both maps were reset a month later with those premium players compensated with respective amounts of trinkets and what purchased silver was on record. In addition, steps were taken to ensure that the previous loss of the backups will not occur again.

Those newer maps were referred to as Goldv2 or Gold-2.

Currently the only surviving Goldv2 map is the Wild or Chaos server, now part of the Freedom cluster. Its the only pvp server in that cluster.

Incidentally Chaos is also the oldest active map in Wurm.