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Removed feature

The feature described here has been removed from Wurm Online. This page is retained only for historical purposes.

Main / Interface / Personal goals


Each character is given a list of goals upon creation. These goals are randomly chosen from a pool and range from very simple to extremely difficult.

To access personal goals, open the main menu and click on "Hud settings". From here, click on "Personal Goals Window".

Winning The Game

Upon completion of all of a player's personal goals, they will receive a special title - Winner. They will then receive a random special item and will have their achievement announced and recorded in a number of places including on Twitter, Niarja, and in Global.

Possible Item Rewards

  • Any Sorcery item (except Key to the Heavens)
  • Wand of the seas
  • Huge egg

List of Goals

This list is a work in progress.

Name Rarity
Destroy a structure by catapulting it Silver
Defeat another player by using a huge club Silver
Catch 200 Fish Silver
Bake 20 loaves of bread Silver
Create a fantastic item Diamond
Pilot a Caravel Silver
Pilot a Knarr Silver
Plant 200 trees Silver
Try swimming a bit Silver
Slay the Forest Giant Gold
Pilot a Rowboat Silver
Create a supreme item Gold
Take some falling damage Silver
Join a settlement Silver
Kill a Wolf Silver
Finish the tutorial Silver
Wear a ring, a necklace and a bracelet at the same time Silver
Help in an Epic mission Silver
Kill a Cave Bug Silver
Pilot a Cog Silver
Kill a Deer Silver
Build a Knarr Silver
Kill a Mountain Lion Silver
Kill an Angry creature Silver
Be overly forthcoming Silver
Catch 1000 fish Gold
Get out into the deep sea Silver
Build a Sailboat Silver
Kill 50 Zombies Gold
Defeat another player using a crush weapon Silver
Scare ten hens to death Silver
Defeat another player using an axe Silver
Climb up a really really high mountain Silver
Kill 100 Lava Fiends Silver
Build a Rowboat Silver
Kill 20 Crocodile Silver
Plant 200 hedges or flower beds Silver
Kill a Fierce creature Silver
Slay a bison Silver
Improve an item beyond quality level 99 Diamond
Slay the Goblin leader Gold
Eat some really high quality food Silver
Improve an item beyond your knowledge at quality level 30+ Silver
Catch a cold Silver
Kill 20 Lava Fiends Silver
Kill an Alert creature Silver
Pick 20 mushrooms Silver
Kill a Greenish creature Silver
Kill a Slow creature Silver
Mine an exquisite gemstone Gold
Kill the Cyclops Silver
Kill a Raging creature Silver
Kill a Lava Fiend Silver
Improve an item beyond quality level 50 Silver
Put 100 items in the trash bin Silver
Repair 6250 fences, floors or walls Diamond
Ride 4000 tiles in one session Silver
Kill a Troll Silver
Cut down a tree using a shovel Silver
Cut down 1000 trees Silver
Pilot a Rowboat and a Sailboat Silver
Bury a corpse Silver
Kill a Zombie Silver
Repair 50 fences, floors or walls Silver
Kill a Lurking creature Silver
Slay the Troll King Gold
Plant 5000 trees Gold
Travel 500 tiles in one session Silver
Build a well at a suitable spot Silver
Kill a Unicorn Silver
Slay a goblin Silver
Smith a sword, a maul, an axe and a shield Silver
Kill 100 Unicorns Silver
Create a rare item Silver
Slay a Hell Horse Silver
Create 5000 liters of wine Diamond
Slay a demon Silver
Slay an incarnation of Libila Gold
Slay an incarnation of Libila Gold
Pie-maker Silver
Perform 100000 actions Gold

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