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Wood texture styles before the update of February 2018. See wood for the current textures.

Wood types on ships
Apple : Birch : Cedar : Cherry : Lemon :
Boat-wood-apple.jpg Boat-wood-birch.jpg Boat-wood-cedar.jpg Boat-wood-cherry.jpg Boat-wood-lemon.jpg
Maple : Oak : Olive : Pine : Willow :
Boat-wood-maple.jpg Boat-wood-oak.jpg Boat-wood-olive.jpg Boat-wood-pine.jpg Boat-wood-willow.jpg

Small Barrels with different woods as labelled and worn / decayed look
Apple: Birch: Cedar: Cherry: Lemon: Maple:
SmallBarel-Apple.png SmallBarel-Birch.png SmallBarel-Cedar.png SmallBarel-Cherry.png SmallBarel-Lemon.png SmallBarel-Maple.png
Oak: Olive: Pine: Willow: Worn: Decayed:
SmallBarel-Oak.png SmallBarel-Olive.png SmallBarel-Pine.png SmallBarel-Willow.png SmallBarel-Worn.png SmallBarel-Decayed.png
Chestnut, walnut, fir, and linden woods use the birch texture.