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Wood is found in the form of felled trees or logs.

It is the main type of resource used in carpentry and is found from cutting down trees.

Any wooden item can be used as fuel.

Type of wood

The type of wood of the last wooden item that is attached to a carpentry item determines its type of wood.

Depending on the type of wood an item is made of, it has different textures.

Wood textures are displayed on the small barrels and ship pictured below:

Large Barrels with different woods as labelled. Small barrels for the worn / decayed looks.
Apple: Birch: Cedar: Cherry: Chestnut: Fir:
LargeBarrel-Apple.png LargeBarrel-Birch.png LargeBarrel-Cedar.png LargeBarrel-Cherry.png LargeBarrel-Chestnut.png LargeBarrel-Fir.png
Lemon: Linden: Maple: Oak: Oleander: Olive:
LargeBarrel-Lemon.png LargeBarrel-Linden.png LargeBarrel-Maple.png LargeBarrel-Oak.png LargeBarrel-oleander.JPG LargeBarrel-Olive.png
Orange: Pine: Walnut: Willow: Worn: Decayed:
LargeBarrel-Orange.png LargeBarrel-Pine.png LargeBarrel-Walnut.png LargeBarrel-Willow.png SmallBarel-Worn.png SmallBarel-Decayed.png

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Archaeology Wood Types

Archaeology Wood Types

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