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Removed feature

The feature described here has been removed from Wurm Online. This page is retained only for historical purposes.

New Permission System

The new permission system does not use writs at all and they have been removed from the game. To manage your buildings, please refer to the permissions tutorial.


This is the writ of ownership for <house name>. It will act as a key for any doorlock on that structure.

A writ of ownership is a document received in your inventory when finalizing a house plan. It can be used to rename or destroy the house and control who is allowed entrance.


Right-click on the writ of ownership and select 'Manage', in order to:

  • Add or remove guest rights to friends
  • Lock or unlock all doors in the house, if door locks have been added
  • Add or remove the rights to enter for fellow citizens or allies
  • Change the name of the building
  • Destroy the whole building.


  • Writ never decays. It stays at quality 100.
  • Writ stays in inventory if you die.
  • Writ may be sold or given away by trading.
  • Writ only shows in your inventory if you're present on the same server as the house.
  • Writs use inventory slots. Put them into backpacks/satchels to get more space.