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Hota statue
A Hota statue

Winning the Hunt of the Ancients

  • Hota statue (150.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament.


  • Storage Container
  • Optional Light, causing slow heating of contents in and on statue
  • Aesthetic Value

Note : Lit statues will slowly heat their contents. Never put a flammable object into or on a lit statue ... it will be destroyed after some time.


  • They appear at the alliance capitals token after winning the HotA.
  • Can be planted.
    • When attempting to plant, if the statue is activated, you will get the message: "Needs to be on the ground."
  • They do not decay when carried in inventory or kept on-deed.
  • Only one statue can be loaded into a rowboat or sailboat.
  • There is a random chance of winning different statues at the HotA.
  • They contain 5 glimmersteel and adamantine lumps when won.
  • They can contain a medallion when won, sometimes more than one if multiple participants.
  • The color of the light will be red unless the alliance that wins has more than 30 wins
    • If the alliance has more than 30 wins, the light's color will vary
  • The material of the statue will vary based on the number of alliance wins
  • When lit, they will slowly heat their contents. (Good for food; Very bad for flammable items). This can be useful for keeping branding irons hot.

Types of Statues

There are 10 different HotA statues, as shown below.

Statue Image Statue Image
Bull vs Bear BullVsBear.jpg Sol Demon Demon.jpg
Dog vs Boar DogVsBoar.jpg Dragon vs Man Dragon.jpg
Lady of the lake LadyoftheLake.jpg Man vs Bear ManVsBear.jpg
NoGump Nogump.jpg Scorpion ScorpionHota.jpg
Deer Stag.jpg Wolf vs Bison WolfVsBison.jpg
Man vs Snake (Anaconda) AnacondaHota.PNG

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