Hota Battlecamp

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Can only be found on Chaos, Elevation and Defiance.


  • 6 Battle camp will spawn 70 hours after the last hota ended.
    • cannot spawn within a village, under water, or on extreme slopes/mountains
  • The new battle camps will spawn neutral with a 40x40 zone around them
  • Conquering takes 5 minutes, enemy conquered camps must be neutralized first taking 5 minutes as well
    • A server wide notification will appear when neutralized or claimed
  • Four Battle camps must be conquered by the same kingdom, Hota statue is created at the most recently conquered camp, with Adamantine and Glimmersteel lumps and medallions of varying ql inside.
    • The uncaptured camps will despawn.


  • .4kg moon metal lump is given to the first person to capture each camp
  • Cannot Terraform inside zone unless claimed and by the same kingdom
    • Slopes are limited to 40 steep when claimed
  • Cannot create or continue fences inside the zone unless it is claimed by same kingdom
  • Cannot place Mine doors in a Battle Camp zone
  • Cannot place Deeds or extend deeds into a Battle Camp zone
  • Cannot construct or expand buildings into a Battle Camp zone


Neutral battle camp
Jenn-Kellon active battle camp
Mol-Rehan active battle camp