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Mol-Rehan Chaos settlement

This is a Mol-Rehan (White Light) settlement on the Chaos server.

Kallana Verde
Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure

Size 5 Village


Humans mostly
  • Them pesky JK's
  • BL too!


Mol-Rehan Wild, South East corner of Whosville Bay


Kallana Verde (KV) is a former size 10 village of MR-H, it was moved to the wild server upon the removal of Mol-Rehan Home

All trusted Mol Rehan players are welcome at Kallana Verde.


Trade is encouraged however KV is currently a Communal town, our members make items for eachother and help out in the tools/items section.


The Journey

Kallana Verde began as a group of characters gathered together in Aeldell on JKH by FullKontact.

Gathering just before the implementation of boats in the Wurm world, we all spent a vast amount of time grinding up our skills during several periods when extended sleep bonus was granted as the result of implementation glitches around that time.

Our focus at that time was on developing the skills that would be needed for ship building and, as a result, there are several skilled ship builders, rope makers and tailors amongst us.

With the release of boats, we spent another couple of weeks furiously building several small sailing boats and a cog and a corbita, which were built almost single handedly by FullKontact and Nadroj.

Just after we finished, the Mol-Rehan Home server was started and we sailed as a group for the Wild border line.

Unfortunately at this point, disaster struck and our friend and leader, FullKontact was called away from Wurm by real life issues. The leadership and the cash to found our new village was passed to Nadroj who has proved a capable mayor and is as well liked and admired as was FullKontact.

The journey by boat to our new home is unforgettable for those of us that were there.

With many mishaps, misadventures and excitements (reminiscent of a Columbus like journey) we finally reached our new home after 24 hours of real time sailing.

The feeling of piloting a Wurm boat continuously at 2kmh is indescribable and will be a memory that will live with us forever as vivid and imperishable as any real life one.

The site for our new home was found initially by Moss after his inadvertent death to a mountain lion at the foot of a lone oak tree. What an epic spot to choose to die at! *grin*.

As we travelled there by ship, we stopped off a day at the just founded village (Oreo) of our friends Tantrum and Drega.

Kallana Verde was planted in the North Bay of Mol Rehan home on the perfect spot and was highly successful for a long time...

After home server was announced to be shutting down Kallana Verde's Members decided to round it up and head to the Wild Server. After checking out some locations around the west coast for where to place the deed, which we thank Blkcobra ((That One Place)Now Blacklight) for helping with, the decision to have a look at the island south of Whosville was made. Upon arrival on the island we were stunned to find the perfect starter for a deed already in location, a deed had existed here previously it seemed and the island was perfect. Nadroj placed the size 10 deed down over the old deed location and work began to build the town and fortify the island.

At this time our good friend and former town elder Tritus (now mayor of Triton) left us and moved to the Freedom server.

The Finality

After some rough patches and changes to the member base of KV. We decided to move the town and settle down as a small but heavily defended fort deed. Nadroj replaced Kallana Verde in the South-East corner of the Whosville bay and the current members are all highly skilled and trusted players who have been with the town since it's time in MR-Home.

The Name

We had some debate over the name, noone really coming up with a good one until Kallana Verde was chosen. Wikipedia Entry Though the name was actually picked from the series stargate, its polyglot translation means Green Counsel or Earth Counsel.


  • Nadroj [Founder & Mayor]
  • Caliphae
  • Mobius


  • Yomo
  • Krusty
  • Mosus
  • Runningoutofcreativenames

The End

While Kallana Verde still stands, it's members have all moved on to the new united Mol-Rehan city, all of them can now be found within the enourmous size 100 House of Mol-Rehan.


Although Nadroj is Kallana Verde's mayor and founder we fully credit Fullkontact, the original mayor of Aeldell with the founding of KV in MRH.

Nadroj is credited for reinstating Kallana Verde on Wild after Mol Rehan Home was cruelly taken from us...