Lore:Battle of Tiergarden

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Battle of Tiergarden
Date: July 12th, 2006
Location: Tiergarden
Result: Jenn-Kellon Victory
Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon
Towns: Syphilis Tiergarden
Greater Havens
Strength: 5 warriors 8 warriors
Town Guards

The stage was set as the sun began to fall the valiant scourge of Syphilis marched northward supported with TDekker. Purging the WL defenses infiltrating deep into WL territory the scourge struck. After quickly disposing of the light guards the Gate was plowed over with tremendous force and the town was quickly pillaged. One Noble member of the Tiergarden quickly gathered the towns valuables not locked in chests and ran to the homestead mine under the protection of its Spirit Avengers. After securing his position he waited patiently for the invasion to subside.

The scourge's persistence however forced them to fight thru 3 respawns of guards before moving to the homestead. Charging thru the homestead gates they became locked in combat with vicious Spirit Avengers. Yet this foe was still no match for the forces that had risen from the BL. The team quickly dispatched the Avengers and moved on Eddy.

Eddy was then relieved by the coalition of WL soldiers. This band supported by Garretwademan and Wintersolstice among others took up a flanking position at the destroyed town of Tiergarden. As the guards respawned the scourge once again moved on Tiergarden. A skirmish erupted to little results for a brief time while the scourge found a strategy to once again quickly dispatch the deed guards.

Rushing into the town the 4 remaining members of the party advanced on the now 7+ strong members of the WL coalition. The scourge slaughtered them however the addition of a few key wounds greatly weakened the scourge. The WL alliance then acted bravely in spawning back on the deed of Teirgarden and attacked again where some of them received their second deaths. Finally they managed to slay the invaders sans one and recaptured the land for which they had just fought.

The one remaining invader Serph then began a long distance chase spanning many kilos. Finally just south of the town of Independent settlers Serph fell as well.

This marks the first major battle of Gold v.1 laying the battle lines between good an evil.