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As the Bone Altar reads, “Are you ready to join the Horde of the Summoned? Know that if you choose not to, you are against me!

The Horde of the Summoned is a Kingdom with a long rich history of war, brutality, deception, and both victories and defeats. It is often perceived as the uncivilized kingdom that is populated by savages who follow no rules or honor, only hatred. The kingdom follows only one God, Libila, who requires her followers to use terror, deception, torture, death, and sacrifices. The Horde is not a kingdom for everyone, and new players will face many struggles, hardships, accusations, and will be forced to earn the trust of others before being accepted.


The Bone Altar, otherwise known as the Black Light or BL.

The Horde of the Summoned, commonly known as "HotS" or "HOTS", is the smallest of the three kingdoms on both Chaos and Epic, and often presents more of a challenge to new players because their traditions and small population. Equipment like tools, armour, and weapons are earned through work, dedication, and or PvP, and tends not to be sold abundantly on merchants. This gives players more sense of pride to rightfully earn their equipment as opposed to be given it for free.

Followers of Libila are meant to be evil, and are told to use deceptive tactics in order to succeed. Therefore, the game won't punish you when stealing, lockpicking, or even attacking fellow Horde members. Libila priests also possess some of the strongest spells for PvP, including spells that can drain health or stamina, create mycelium, summon zombies, and even rebirth dead animals (including Champions) into zombie pets.

The Horde of the Summoned is ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who is in turn chosen by the Cobra King at random when the position is vacant. The Emperor/Empress may appoint titles and honours, and their tenure is judged on the Kingdom stats viewable from any village token. The Emperor is typically considered a figurehead, and does not have absolute power in the Kingdom save for the aforementioned office appointing power.

On Chaos, The Horde of the Summoned exists around the Blacklight and The Shroud in the south of Wild, and hold a small share of the map primarily on peninsulas and islands. The Horde of the Summoned is at war with Mol-Rehan in the north-west and Jenn-Kellon in the north-east.

On Epic, The Horde of the Summoned exists around the Blacklight and Gloomshade in the south of Elevation, as well as on their own home server of Affliction.


  • Mycelium, a corrupted and fungus infested version of grass that is unique to the kingdom is great for both crafters and fighters. By simply standing on mycelium it will over time raise your nutrition and food to the maximum amount, and at high nutrition you receive a 5% skill gain bonus. Mycelium will grow in houses and naturally spread to infect grass, dirt, and tree tiles if within Horde of the Summoned territory and Libila influence. Additionally a player can absorb a mycelium tile to heal their wound(s) instead of using cotton.
  • Ability to butcher human meat, butchered from the bodies of killed humans. This is in contrast to the other Kingdoms who are unable to obtain human meat from butchering humans, and thus have less sources of food.
  • Use of Libila spells, which integrate the spells of Whitelight gods and are deadly in PvP.
  • Ability to PvP other HotS players without penalty and steal their boats without penalty.
  • A kingdom bonus improving skill gain in thievery skills, lockpicking, traps, stealing

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