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Informational and historical page to be dedicated to the Impalong held on Celebration in November of 2014. More information will be added soon as it is collected and organized.


The impalong was held at Fyrkat on Celebration which is situated on the peninsula of the Deadnoob Sea at x31,y34. The Impalong was held on November the 21st through November the 23rd. Sweetsusie and her alliance organized the events, prizes, and materials used as well as the deed itself. Many players RSVP to help improve items and most were able to attend. Below is a list of the volunteers.


There were a number of events scheduled but due to circumstances not all were carried out. Sweetsusie used a lottery to disperse the remaining prizes to participants. Below is the list of events as was posted.



Pictures to come once I've gained ability to upload images to wiki for making use of the gallery feature.

Going forward

It is planned by Sweetsusie's alliance to hold an impalong every year on this date in hopes of keeping Wurm Online tradition alive.