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The fiery core of the island.

Flamgra'in used to be a volcano in the northeastern area of Independence on the Freedom Isles server. The volcano has long ceased activity and is slumbering ever since, developing a thriving flora and fauna. The remainder of this lava spitting giant is the distinct, circular shape of its opening crater, forming the coastal line mainly as rock. But most of all and still impressing, the smoking pond of lava in its center, keeping an adjacent tar pit steaming hot.

Being the first to settle down there, despite the slumbering danger, Ulviirala took the opportuniy to call the burning island by this incisive name. Over months it turned out that the volcano has some activity after all, which has then been documented with pictures.


Flamgra'in is a medium sized island situated in the far Northeast of the Freedom Isles region. It consists of three shoreline mountain ranges to the north, southeast and southwest with rolling hills in between leading up to a relatively flat forested area in the center of the island.

Also located in the center is an active volcano. It used to be flat, but it continues to raise itself upwards.


Flamgra'in is home to several settlements. In the order of foundation, these are:


Isle event: Inhabitants fight off the menace of a champ troll together.
  • Luck day in week 2 of the starfall of the digging in 998
The first settlements are established.
  • Day of the Wurm in week 1 of the starfall of the Leaf in the year of 998
Inhabitants of the island fight a champion troll at the village of Brucious Island and bask in the glory of victory.


Many pine and cedar but also lots of lemon trees have grown on the island, occasionally you will find a willow, an oak, bushes like grape, oleander, and lavender, but also a few olive trees. The occurence of other types of plants are wurmian-planted and have not naturally grown here. Birches and cherry trees mostly spread from Ussta Delmah and apple trees have grown to be quite abundant, too.


Additionally to the wurmian population and spawns you find anywhere (deer, chicken, etc.), we also have a couple of lairs that spit out creatures:

  • Angry brown bears come from a lair in the southwest
  • Goblin hut in the northwestern hills
  • Large rats live in a garbage pile near the lava in the center
  • Mountain lions and Wildcats in the eastern and western parts (3x, normal and fierce)
  • Huge spiders in the southern half of the island (3x, normal, lurking, and angry)
  • Scorpions along the northern coast (2x, normal and alert ones)
  • Unicorn rustle on the southeast rocksurface near the coast (fierce)


No known champions at the moment.