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Siege of Avarga
Date: April 10, 2012.
Location: Avarga, Elevation.
Result: Mongol Empire victory.
Kingdom: Jenn-Kellon, Mol-Rehan, Horde of the Summoned. The Mongol Empire.
Towns: Several. Avarga.
Strength: 50+. 24.

Importance of the Battle

The Siege of Avarga is characterized as one of the most important, and certainly largest PvP encounter in the history of Wurm Online and was organized by Tonygreen, playing on the account Dragonpen. It marked the first and only occurrence in which multiple kingdoms came under one banner for the purpose of a siege. While the exact amount of players are unknown, the conservative number places it around 100, but some estimates go far beyond that number.

This was not intended to be a raid, which is the most common form of deed attack where individuals work quickly to hit the target and leave.This was a siege, sieges in the past would occur infrequently, last multiple days, and would feature frequent small battles as the raid plays out in the background. Typically, fortifications are made on the attackers side, often consisting of trenches, fence work, and small gate houses. Examples including sieges over the White Light on Wild, and the Siege of Ebony Veil.

Leadership & Notables

Mongol Leadership: Posteh (Hellfang) Xallo (Moirai) Awakening (Great Khan, King)

Forces: Avarga, Wrestlers (Deed)

Motivation Survive, Gear.

Entente Alliance (All others) Leadership: Dragonpen (Tonygreen) Kellyt (others)

Forces: Mol-Rehan, Horde of the Summoned, Jenn-Kellon, Legion of Pirates, (others)

Motivation: Gear from Mongol loot houses, an attempt to wrest control away from The Mongol Empire

Use of Artifacts

The Orb of Doom was used twice during the siege to damaging effect. It was one of the first uses of the artifact, the orb is a powerful artifact that inflicts mass Area of Effect damage, with a chance to fail killing the user instantaneously.

Before The Battle

The Mongol Empire initially noticed in the early hours of the day, a large population of players on at the time. The Mongol Scouts were recalled, Avarga prepared for the worst, and went into a defensive operations procedure, preparing every avenue inside the city for a fight. Makeshift fortifications were quickly deployed, using quickly available resources, often reserved for high quality crafting.

The enemy force did not take long to makes its entrance into Mongol controlled territory, the first reports from a forward outpost known locally as "The Wrestlers Deed" was relaying the approach. The initial interpretation of the movement was that the raid would take place at "The Wrestlers Deed" however it was quickly determined that the raid was coming for Avarga., The wrestlers, in a brave and intelligent move, approached Avarga to aid in the defense, taking a boat through the canals to sneakily enter the city.

The Battle

The battle began not with tremendous zealous, but slow gradual escalation. The "Entente" decided the landing zone would be a barely a local range away from the actual deed they were raiding. Both sides began building exterior housing, walls, and tunneling assuming it would be a long siege. A point of contention came over a flag between the two camps, often resulting in small skirmishes for the cloth. The area was more and more representing a siege as things continued to physically develop around the area.

The strategy from the Entente, was to chain walls all the way until they reached the actually deed. The idea was to cut off possible encirclement and ensure safety for the long instance, almost like a city in its own right. They would then be free to catapult the deed at will.

This strategy would backfire upon what Mongols refer to as the "Great Push" in which the entire Mongol force went into the walled off area. The tight quarters allowed the Mongols to most effectively use the Orb of Doom in combination with Fire and Ice pillars and in devastating counter attack completely wiping out the siege party at limited causalities.

The Immediate Aftermath

A known history at this point, the server was still at this time very young, an event like this had dire consequences on the morale of every kingdom. For the Entente, the loss was additionally crippling, and resulted in a complete change of policy for many of simply not fighting the Mongol Empire.

For the Mongol Empire, victory was sweet but short lived, killing everyone had consequences. The Mongols had to go beyond and change tactics more slipping into any fight they could before it ended. A river of combat dried, and the Mongol Empire disbanded to accommodate a populace that had disdain for them.

The ruins of the shanty towns build before the push remained for almost a year.

A Final Analysis

This was one of the most important events that changed the course of Epic as a whole. A siege of this magnitude was exceptionally rare for its time and still has yet to be bested. The aftermath would be short lived as the Mongol Empire would eventually reunite under the banner of Jenn-Kellon, but with the game being prepared for them this time. The Avarga Siege was a good thing for epic, it showed what was truly possible in Wurm as a PvP game.

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