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Epic Cluster
A Elevation
General Information

Genesis: July 11th, 2019
Tiles: 2048x2048
Twitter: @epicserv1
MRTG: elevation
Forum: Elevation

Starting Towns

New Hope (JK), Ignis (MR) and Doomspine (HOTS)

Server Settings
Players may attack other players.
Account Type
Premium Only
Yes. Players can steal items.
Settlements can only be placed within kingdom influence.
Guard Towers
Required to expand kingdom influence.
Yes, artifacts spawn in the world.
Allowed Faiths
Vynora, Fo, Magranon, Libila


Spy Protection
Enabled. The same IP cannot log into two different kingdoms.
Skill gain
The Curve



Mol-Rehan, Jenn-Kellon, Horde of the Summoned, Player Made Kingdoms


Elevation was reset on July 11th, 2019. Before that Elevation was the largest Epic server after having been reset on April 15th, 2015. The former Elevation server ran from November 1, 2011 until being taken down on April 13th, 2015 to prepare for the relaunch.

Spawn settlements


This island may be reached by sailing east from Desertion, north from Affliction, and west from Serenity or by using a portal in the starter city on the other servers in the cluster


  • Non-premium accounts cannot travel to the Elevation server.

Elevation Rule Set

A special rule set applies to Elevation:

  • Maximum digging slope has been reduced to 150.
  • Maximum surface mining / tunneling slope has been reduced to 60.
  • There now needs to be a minimum of 3 tiles between mine doors.
  • A deed will disband automatically after five chained deed drains.
  • Meditation abilities over level 9 have been disabled.
  • Hate Damage Bonus Now Increases lockpicking chance.
  • Element Immunity now only lasts 5 minutes down from 30.
  • Characteristics and Fighting related skills receive less combat bonus in the higher levels(scaling).
  • Removed rare bonus from boats(No replacement for now).
  • Rare horse gear now takes less damage instead of granting a speed bonus.
  • Horses give birth faster.
  • Trader contracts will not be purchasable and traders cannot be placed.
    • Traders will only sell Res Stones/Large Magic Chests/Sleep Powder/Shaker Orbs and can only be found in your starter town.
  • Increased cooldowns on Truestrike, Stoneskin and Continuum.
  • Physical damage resistance and penalty effects from sorcery items changed to fall damage.
  • Karma home teleport has been disabled.
  • No new champions, current champions will be dechamped without the stat loss and will be given 70 faith.
  • Hell horses and Unicorns cannot be hitched or ridden.
  • The chest drop table has also been edited to include flint and steels and compasses.


Elevation Map