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Warning: This page contains spoilers to the Meditation path questions. Only continue reading if you have intentionally chosen to view these, otherwise navigate away from this page.

The answers here are not confirmed by Code Club AB and are subject to modification and change at any time, without warning, as with any other game mechanic. The lists below are spoilers. Take great care to understand that by clicking "expand" parts of the game will be spoiled for you.

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  1. 1st Question - What is love?
    It is a spring.
  2. 2nd Question - Without which can love not survive?
  3. 3rd Question - Which of these negates love?
  4. 4th Question - How do I love someone more?
    I accept
  5. 5th Question - What makes love grow most?
  6. 6th Question - What should I say to best strengthen existing love?
    I love you
  7. 7th Question - What is the best reason to ask someone I love to change?
    To preserve balance
  8. 8th Question - What do I need to do to love everyone?
    Accept humankind
  9. 9th Question - Which of these is the biggest failure in love?
    Not protecting your love
  10. 10th Question - What of these will ultimately make love fail?
    Lack of patience
  11. 11th Question - What is the biggest act of love?
    Setting free
  12. 12th Question - Are there people who can love you no matter what?
    Yes, there are such people
  13. 13th Question - What do I really have to fight in myself in order to be a loving person?
  14. 14th Question - What best describes a business?
    It provides a service in much need
  15. 15th Question - What best describes society?
    A way for people to cooperate in order to reduce overall pain
  16. 16th Question - Being which of these gives you the least friends?
  17. 17th Question - Which of these will always block love?
  18. 18th Question - Which of these is a side effect of love?


  1. 1st Question - How come some people are rich and some are poor?
    Life is unfair
  2. 2nd Question - Who has the most control of my fate?
    The stars
  3. 3rd Question - If I win the lottery, what determined it?
    Simple Luck
  4. 4th Question - A horse slips and kills the rider. What happened?
    Chance struck
  5. 5th Question - Who of these are usually hiding something
    A silent person
  6. 6th Question - Do you have free will?
  7. 7th Question - Must I treat others as I want to be treated myself?
  8. 8th Question - These roads, mines and houses are
    Basically unnatural
  9. 9th Question - Who usually has most incentive to attack a normal person like me?
    The government
  10. 10th Question - What best describes humankind?
  11. 11th Question - What best describes my life?
    Totally meaningless
  12. 12th Question - Who committed the crime?
    The rich guy
  13. 13th Question - He worries about someone therefore he _____ the person.
    cares about
  14. 14th Question - the poor
    are more trustworthy.


  1. 1st Question - What is knowledge?
    Information that I have accepted as a fact
  2. 2nd Question - What best constitutes a fact?
    Anything I accept as the truth
  3. 3rd Question - Is there any absolute truth?
    Only what I decide to see within me
  4. 4th Question - How do I best prepare myself to learn things?
    I initially accept everything as fact and try to constantly verify it
  5. 5th Question - What is the most important product of knowledge?
  6. 6th Question - What constitutes a professional?
    someone who is paid
  7. 7th Question - Which of these is the most certain way to rise above the crowd?
    To really learn the details
  8. 8th Question - What do I do when I have too little knowledge to make the best choice?
    Usually you could toss a coin
  9. 9th Question - How important is knowledge of history?
    It can help
  10. 10th Question - What is required to make good decisions?
    Fairly logical thinking
  11. 11th Question - What will make my knowledge useless?
  12. 12th Question - Which of these is a requirement for truly working knowledge?
    That there is no randomness in the world
  13. 13th Question - What knowledge is most valuable?
    To see what it is that you actually do to the world and the people around you
  14. 14th Question - What is the best path to understanding a particular human behavior?
    By understanding how the behavior is supposed to benefit the individual in question.
  15. 15th Question - What is the best path to understanding a particular function in society?
    By investigating how the function is supposed to benefit everyone


  1. 1st Question - What is the ultimate purpose of power?
    To achieve personal freedom
  2. 2nd Question - What is money?
    Money is mainly energy
  3. 3rd Question - In large amounts, what of these things is the most certain route to power for an unknown person?
  4. 4th Question - What is the main reason that people strive for power and money?
    To gain control over their lives
  5. 5th Question - What is the safest way of getting rid of your enemy?
    Conquer them
  6. 6th Question - If power is a sword, what do i need to swing it?
  7. 7th Question - What is the biggest risk of my gaining power?
    That I become a coward
  8. 8th Question - How do I best control other people while releasing their energy?
    Give them limited power
  9. 9th Question - Will I loose my power if I am dishonest ?
    Usually not
  10. 10th Question - Why am I in power?
    I am better
  11. 11th Question - Which of these are blocked from achieving ultimate power?
  12. 12th Question - Which of these is the least working tactic when bringing someone down socially?
    Ridiculing the person
  13. 13th Question - Which is most powerful?
    Being very rich
  14. 14th Question - How do you best assume control of democracy?
    Run for office using a reasonable philosophic base with solutions to contemporary problems.
  15. 15th Question - How do you best assume control of the whole world?
    Assume control of some super-state organization and increase it's influence.


  1. 1st Question - What is hate?
    A need
  2. 2nd Question - What is the best thing that comes from hate?
  3. 3rd Question - What is the worst thing that hate can bring?
    It can kill me
  4. 4th Question - What type of hate is the weakest?
    Hate based on Fear
  5. 5th Question - How can I best strengthen my hate?
    By finding proof
  6. 6th Question - What is the best use of my hate?
    To resolve my problems
  7. 7th Question - Who is in control of my aggression?
    Anyone who knows about it
  8. 8th Question - How do I best control my hate?
    With the Truth
  9. 9th Question - What is the best effect of displaying aggression?
  10. 10th Question - When should I get rid of my hate?
    When I lose out
  11. 11th Question - When have I mastered my hate?
    When I can loose it at will