Metallic liquid

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Metallic liquid
A Metallic liquid

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Metallic liquid (0.144 kg)
Skill and improvement


A metallic liquid mixed with tiny black flakes. Smear this on an item to protect it once from shattering during enchants. It can not be improved. This has a very low nutrition value.

How to obtain

The Metallic Liquid is obtainable as a random reward from participating in a Rift event by scoring high enough to be eligible for a reward.


  • The imbue will start with 100 power, no matter what your actual skill are or the potion QL is as long as the action succeeds.
  • The imbuing action requires a full 'original unit' (0.144 KG) to imbue any item. It can properly consume part of a larger combined fluid weight and leave the leftovers intact.
  • Will protect against items "cracking", completely negating the damage that would have been dealt, up to five times with each protection lowering the imbue power by 20.
  • Will protect against a SINGLE item shatter event and afterwards completely remove the imbue from the item. As long as the item is imbued, it'll be protected. (IE 20 power imbue will still protect the same as a 100 power imbue)
  • You cannot improve the imbue with a fresh potion, the effect must entirely be gone to reapply the metallic liquid.


You will get a message each time the metallic liquid takes effect, they are as follows:

  • Protecting from a shatter: (orange text) "The (item name) emits a strong deep sound of resonance and starts to shatter, but the Metallic Liquid protects the (item name)! The Metallic Liquid has dissipated."
  • Protecting from damaging: (normal text) "The (item name) emits a deep worrying sound of resonance, and a small crack wants to start forming, but the Metallic Liquid steps in and takes the damage instead!"
  • Dissipating after running out of Imbue Power: (orange text) "The Metallic Liquid's strength has been depleted, and its protection has been removed from the (item name)"

The liquid also comes in a glass bottle with a custom name (Potion Bottle). Potion bottles will always be 10 QL.