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Main / Religion / Spells / Dispel


Faith: 10
Favor: 10
Difficulty: 20 (Item/Tile) / Special (Creature)
Target: Tile, Creature, Item
Casting time: 4 seconds


Only a Priest of Fo, Vynora, Magranon, Libila can cast this spell


Removes any spell from an area, creature/player, or item enchant. Has a 6 tile range when used on players and creatures.

Has a difficulty of 20 when cast on an item, and difficulty based on distance when cast on creatures or tiles.

When affecting a creature, the spell will reduce the power of any enchantments currently affecting that creature, but repeated castings will be less effective, similar to the resistance granted by damaging and healing spells.

Order of Removal

  • The spell enchantment, rune, or other effect listed first when the target is examined, will be removed first, including imbues and metallic liquid.


  • The protection force is too high: happened when the item was not in the inventory and on blessed items.
  • Nothing seems to happen: You failed to channel enough power to remove the enchant.
  • You remove the Circle of cunning enchantment: The enchant got removed.