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Main / Astronomy and geography / Moons

There are several Moons orbiting the planet of Wurm.

  • Valrei - Home of the Gods.
  • Jackal - Flowing with the blood of the Damned.
  • Seris - Haven for the Dead.
  • Haven - Rumours have it that this is where Golden Valley lies.

Solar Eclipses tend to be seen every 80 wurm days or so.

Moons and Navigation

- Valrei: Rises in the west and sets in the east

- Jackal: Rises in the east and sets in the west

- Seris: (Yet to be researched)

- Haven: (Yet to be researched)

Moons move on a curve throught the sky, due to magnetic pull on Wurms planet. Thus, these measurements and directions are generalizations and cannot be exact for the moons' change from night to night.