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Notch is the co-creator (along with Rolf) of Wurm Online, who used to program the client.

As of 12th of April 2007, Notch has quit developing Wurm.

Post (source?):

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:05 am 
You might've noticed I haven't been around much lately. There are basically two reasons for this: 
1) Real Life 
Some things have happened in my life that meant I can't be around as much as I've used to. 
I'm two years away from turning 30, and I'm freaking out.
2) Project Status It feels like most new development that needs to happen is on the server, and there really isn't
that much left for me to work on in the client. Adding more features like ridable horses and so feels
wrong since fighting and religion still [don't] work properly.
Because of this, I've decided to stop working on Wurm Online, and focus on other things. I'll still be around, of course.
Perhaps now that I've admitted that, I'll dare showing up on irc again. I miss that place.

Notch's response when asked if Wurm would be shut down now that he is resigning:

Wurm's not going anywhere. =)