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The client is the application/program software used to play Wurm Online. There are currently three versions that may be downloaded and used.

Client links

  • Normal, fully released client with generally stable features and fixed bugs
  • Unstable, after testing, new features and bugfixes are added
  • Test, new features and bugfixes added first

Additional details

Normal client : This is the current version of the client that is normally used. It is fully supported and all of the content has gone through all tests. Any bugs found and reported would be investigated and fixed, depending on their severity.

Unstable client : This is a "pre-release" version of the client, where client code changes can be made available for final review and testing. As a rule, new client changes will be seen here first, such as new models and/or bug fixes. This does not apply to server changes, as both the Normal and Unstable clients are connecting to the main server, rather than the test server. Any bugs here may or may not be fixed quickly, as this is not a fully supported version. If you encounter features that make the game unplayable or undesirable, it is advised that you fall back to using the normal client until such issues are fixed in the unstable one.

Optional Experimental pack : Using the Unstable client allows the use of the Experimental pack which holds new or modified graphic models.

Test client : This is a complete, separate testing system, with the latest test versions of both the client and server codes. There's three islands (clones so they look similar), and they are periodically reset, so it's not a good place to actually play and try to build in. Often, newer changes are only partially implemented, and encountering bugs is to be expected. That said, it's a way for players to look at and test the newest changes that are being made to Wurm Online.

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