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Animals you can ride on are referred to as mounts. They can spawn all over the map from lairs, be bred or spawn on land such as steppe.


To ride an animal it must first of all be led by a rope or any item if it's wearing a bridle. Many creatures must be tame, dominated or zombified before they can be led and mounted. A table describing these creatures is on the Animals page.

Activate a leading item and use the RMB on the creature, select Lead. Once led, again using the RMB on the creature, with any item active, and select ride.
  • Body control determines which animals it is possible for the player to ride.
  • By default mounts are turned with A and D.
  • The mount will turn sharply when stationary and will turn with a larger radius when moving.
  • Not all animals may be mounted, it maybe due to their status or age (too young or too old). In that case the message that the animal is too weak will appear.
  • Animals with the some illness trait get weaker over time and though may be ridable when younger, the older the more likely they will be rideable. In that case the message that the animal is too weak will appear.


The speed at which mounts move varies greatly. Some may only travel at a few km/h without any accessories whilst well bred horses with high quality accessories and traits may move up to 34 km/h. Paved roads do not affect the speed of animals. All mounts move at 1/3 of their speed when moving backwards.


Certain animals may be equipped with accessories such as horse shoes or a saddle to help increase their speed or prevent roaming. To equip an animal it first needs to be tamed or dominated.

Use the RMB on the creature, select Look > Equipment and drag-drop the item to the relevant limb or body part.

Body control limitations

Mount Body control Pre-requisite
Cow <20 -
Horse 21 -
Bull 23 -
Brown Bear 23 Tame
Unicorn 26 Tame
Crocodile 26 Tame/Zombie
Scorpion 29 Dominate/Zombie
Hell horse 31 -
Wild boar  ?? Zombie
Rabid hyena  ?? Zombie