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Plot course allows a traveler to sail directly from one server to another.


When you are traveling aboard any type of ship, right click the ship. A menu will pop up and allow you to pick your destination server. If you want to plot a course to Chaos, you and any passengers must enable PvP travel by going to your Profile >Misc Settings and turning off Block PvP Travel.


When you cross servers using plot course, the game behaves as if the two servers are next to each other. For example, if you leave your server by heading north, you will arrive at the southern end of the destination server.


  • If you plot a course and disembark from the ship, the course will still be in effect when you re-embark. You will get a warning message telling you where the ship is heading.
  • Plot course is not available on Epic.
  • Restrictions regarding sailing a vehicle that you do not own apply to plot course.