Reed seeds

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Reed seeds
A Reed seeds

Pick seeds from a reed plant (0.50 kg)

  • Reed seeds (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


A few handfuls of reed seed. It can be used to sow with, but reed must be grown under very special conditions..


Reed seeds can be sown on dirt tiles that are at most 8 dirts steep and have at least one corner between 1 and 4 dirts below water.

  • The ground is not flat enough for crops to grow. You need to flatten it first - The tile is steeper than 8 dirts
  • This type of crop can only grow in water of suitable depth - No corner is between 1 and 4 dirts below water. Another way to measure the depth is to dig the maximum depth with a shovel, and then drop 3 dirt in each corner.
Pile of reed seeds