Resurrection stone

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Resurrection Stone
A Resurrection Stone

Purchased from trader


Resurrection stone

Skill and improvement


A grey, round and smooth granite stone with a black skull. It is said that it may protect your belongings and knowledge once as you enter the realm of the dead.


Upon usage you get the message: Your skin tickles all over for a few seconds, as if a thousand ants crawled upon it.

When you use the stone (right click -> Use), it will give you a 50% chance to save items, and a separate 50% chance to lose 0.125 skill instead of .25 upon your next death. Once used, the stone is removed from your inventory and added as a buff until you die. You can only use a stone once. Unused resurrection stones stay in your inventory when you die, similar to beginner tools.


  • Resurrection stone is used for protection in case of death.
  • Traders will not buy these items, only sell. Their price has been set to 5 silver coins.
  • It is one-use, non-craftable and no-drop.