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The select bar will display information and actions available to the player depending on which item is currently activated and what item of the world has been clicked upon. To activate the select bar, enter the in-game options screen (default key is Esc) and select Select bar.

Additional Usage Notes


(The example image shows the options available when clicking on a cave floor with a pickaxe activated. Notice The examine option, the eye, will always be visible for all selected objects. Next, there is track, mine, prospect, flatten, and pray.)

  • Typically, most options available from the right-click interface will show up in the select bar as descriptive icons. The order of actions in the context menu also corresponds to the order of selected bar buttons.
  • Right-clicking anywhere in the select bar will open the context menu, helpful for when tiles or objects are out of sight. It is important to also note, however, that if the player is too far from the object they are trying to interact with, an action may not be possible, even if it's displayed here or on the context menu.
  • Below the object name is a small progress bar and below that is a health bar. To the right of these bars are: an empty box, a button for left-clicking to open the context menu, and a button for toggling the visibility of hotkey text which is bound to a button. Finally, the last button allows for hiding the quick buttons, making the window slightly smaller.
NB: The hotkey text will show up if a key is bound to the select button via SELECT_BUTTON_#.
  • When selecting a creature, or player, its current health is also displayed.
Select bar creature.jpg
  • To move the window, simply click and drag any portion of the bar which is not a button. To hide or lock the window, move the mouse pointer to the very extreme edge of the bar - the far right appears to be the easiest location - and right-click and select (Un)Lock or (Un)Hide.
  • Common interactions without items activated include open, repair, take, embark, and so forth.
  • Items in an inventory or container cannot be interacted with via the select bar.