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Jenn-Kellon Golden Valley settlement

This is a Jenn-Kellon (white light) settlement on Golden Valley.

Climb the Highest Mountain, Punch the Face of God.

Deed info missing

Writ Holders

8-10 Active, 5-6 Casuals.




Located on the Golden Valley server in the Kingdom of Jenn-Kellon, Broscow was founded on November 3rd 2009 and is the first Brommunity established outside of Mol-Rehan borders. Located South of Brohalla and North East of First Light, Broscow sits atop a highly inaccessible mountain with sheer cliff-faces on all sides.

Writholders and go-to guys

Fenlaw -- Controlling the writ to the front door of the fort and all Broscow Mine Doors.

Mephisto -- Controlling the writ to the fort's central structure and public work area.

Community members

Active Members

Fenlaw, Mephisto, Brosyndication, Bromandue, Wahaha, Pulzifer, Adambrody, Brosephbrohall, Chopperr, Konstantine, Funkapus

M.I.A Members

Ferdinand, Strawbrorymilk


Brojects are community goals set to further enrich Broscow whilst giving new recruits a safe environment to practice and raise their skills while working with everyone else.


Broscow Blocks

Currently the project with the highest priority, the Broscow Blocks plan entails the terraforming of flat areas of land with personal road access to each. Intended specifically to maintain quality and functionality within the limits of Broscow whilst giving new recruits a pre-approved area to build on, the project has thus far been a complete success.

Broscow Harbour

Located at the ocean entrance to the Broscow Mines, Broscow Harbour is still in it's planning phase and will remain that way until the Central Broscow Area has been completed.

FL Tunnel

FL tunnel is the planned surveying and construction of a mine shaft from Broscow to FL lake. Upon completion it will give Broscow a direct route from the ocean to FL Lake and by extension FL itself.

Broscow Mines

The Broscow Mine's were created out of necessity due to the general remoteness of the area, the masses of mountain lions and goblins on the surrounding land and the horde of new recruits that needed a safe place to learn and work. Extending from the eastern shore to the peak of the mountain, the Broscow Mines still have several expansion options in the works, and despite their current functional completion no reinforcement is planned for the immediate future.

Newbie Training Grounds

Located on the large western field, the training grounds will be used as a safe learning environment to train new recruits. Fitted with several houses each containing beds for sleep bonuses, the training area will include a large variety of materials and utilities inside of a fenced enclosure designed to protect new players whilst giving them ample opportunity and space to learn everything they need to about the fundamentals of wurm. Attatched to the north western side of the area will be rare animal enclosures, used to store bears and champion variants of hostile creatures. This will not only be a landmark within Broscow, but will also serve as a hub of interaction between both veteran players and new recruits alike.


Fort Broscow

Created by the founders of Broscow the day after the Broscow Mine's were finished, it sits upon the edge of the eastern mountain ridge, overlooking the ocean. The fort was built with both functionality and design in mind and serves as both the central work area and defining land mark within Broscow.

Broscow Community Farm

The community farm is modest to say the least, covering an area of 32 tiles split down the middle for shared use between crops and livestock. There are already plans in the works for multiple farmsteads to ensure that the space necessary for all crops is met.

Note that many residents have their own personal farms attached to their properties.