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Jenn-Kellon Golden Valley settlement

This is a Jenn-Kellon (white light) settlement on Golden Valley.

The Church of Christ

Mission Statement:

The Church of Christ settlement has been established to be a beacon of light and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people who play in Wurm. We are a bible based community and strive to live the values there-in out in our daily community lives. We hope to be a place of public relations, as well as a place where people from all walks of life can come freely to feel the encouraging love of God.

Who we are:

The founding fathers of our Church include the two players Disciple and Amburger. We are both United States Citizens and followers of the Lord Jesus. We are working together to coordinate, manage, direct, and in general oversee and participate in the construction and maintnance of our church, it's projects and the image we try to project of our message to the rest of Wurm. All decisions are based on those made between the founding fathers and those who are appointed by the fathers through petition and prayer with God.

Where we are:

After careful searching we planted our stake on the west coast in the Golden Valley server. Amid a forest of Pine, Cedar, and Lemon tree we have staked our claim west of the Willow Fort settlement. To reach us, all that is needed is to follow Amnesty road from either Jenn-Kellon or Mol Rehan to the "School" property located in the Hots territory. Once there a cobblestone road heads off over the top of the mountian to the west. Take this road all the way into the Town of Willow Fort. Continue Heading west along the roads and paths and continue until you reach the Coast. From there you should find the Church or at least be able to ask for further direction in local chat.