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Jenn-Kellon Golden Valley settlement

This is a Jenn-Kellon (white light) settlement on Golden Valley.

First Light

Size 20 Village







First Light, or its settlement token, was the starting point of the new players who started the game as Jenn-Kellon characters. First Light has a public trader, two guides and two bartenders.

Area Map



Survival Guide - If you're new to wurmonline, it's strongly recommended to go through the tutorial by talking to one of the survival guides. A guide for JK will be made shortly.

Trader - You managed to get money? Feel free to spend or make money from the Trader. Not recommended in GV since the traders will most likely be drained already. Nothing worth buying either. Best to save up money if you're planning to go to premium.

Bartender - Gives free food and water nourishment for only 24 ingame hours. Type /time in chat to find out how long you've been playing in wurm. After 24 hours, you're on your own in finding food. It's recommended to build your own place and find a way to gather food after you're on your own though.

Portal - If you're planning to buy premium and move to either Wild (PVP) or Freedom (Non PVP), the portals is where you need to be at. Both the server is a lot bigger and have a lot more to offer than GV. There's a freedom portal at steppe also that you can get to via by Amnesty Road.

Local Area

Amnesty Road - The cobblestone road with sand on the sides that connects the two starter towns together, First Light and Glitterdale. If you want to travel on this road, the entrance to it is west of First Light. During half way to Glitterdale, you'll see the steppe (forbidden to build at and is where the "School" is at for beginners to travel to to learn) and Libilia's Gate (Avoid going into the area, guards will attack).

Scorpion stone (village) - A great town for newcomers to join to experience some of the village community life. It's close by, only .4km south of First Light. Of course there are other villages/towns you can join if Scorpion Stone doesn't suit you. You can live by yourself also or form a group to start building your own place.

First Light Lake - North of First Light lies the decent large lake that can be drink off from, fish for food, or to be used as a get away from most animals that can not swim. (Note: Beware of brown bears, they can swim) The lake also have a clay island on the southwest side of the lake.