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Abandoned settlement

This settlement has been abandoned, disbanded, or otherwise removed from the world of Wurm.

Fort Mole

Size 10 Village



All WL towns.


All Blacklighters

History of Fort Mole

The Promised Land

The beginnings of Fort Mole are known by few now a days. Most have gone their separate ways. Those who do remember are glad to play. BushmanLA was our Moses. He recruited all who joined him from the Off-Topic forums centered around the MMOFPS WWIIOL. We were all new to this world of Wurm. Bushman led his people down East to near Rat Point. This was the promised land. Bushman and his people created crude housing as they were just simple people. Everything was fine in the Promised Land.

Until Asgard came. They brought four veterans to battle fifteen 'newbies'. They stomped all over their Promised Land, burned their wood, and tore town their walls. Their Promised Land was in ruins and no longer inhabitable.

Asgard recorded the raid

Fort Mole Founding

Many followers never recovered from the raid, never to be seen again. Bushman led his people West to the settlement of Kyara. Thanks to the assistance of the citizens of Kyara, the future citizens of Fort Mole raised their skills to reasonable enough to support themselves. It did not take that long to find a suitable place to plant their deed. By now there were at least 20 active people playing. This led to a very speedy building of the Fort.

The Golden Age

Map Making

Bushmanla was the first in Fort Mole to begin extensively mapping the lands of wild with some accuracy. using a grid method, he took notes on the terrain, and drew it out on graph paper matching his measurements ingame. The bushman map, was one of Fort Mole's greatest treasures, but was leaked by an ally at some point. Later, Chumpy & FalconBK began picking up where bushman had left off, but with talk of an official mapdump coming, mapping efforts seemed pointless, and the project died. The extent of the map can be found here: The Bushmanla Map


Fort Mole was involved in may attacks, raids, and defenses during its lifetime. The first notable battle was an overwhelming loss, obviously, at the promised land. after regrouping and founding the Fort Mole deed, FM responded to calls for help within the lands of JK to defend allied cities - usually Rivendell or our friends at Blackhorse. FM was involved in the Siege of Libilian Outlawz, and instrumental in the Battle of the Finger of Fo

In lesser attacks, Fort Mole helped attack "the Wall", an attempt on Dark Citadel, Goontown (where they were responsible for the infamous tower switch), LO land bridge, Obsidia, and Miku's farm. Fort Mole was also mainly responsible for the raid on and complete looting of Asgard.

Fort Mole was known for its archery. After the sound defeat they took at the promised land, and having been advised that archery was pretty much useless, they vowed to become the archers of wurm. Having trained their archery, bow making, and fletching skills, rumors circulated that BL were afraid to attack Fort Mole for fear of its archers.

Kingdom Expansion

After Fort Mole was set up and fully functioning, citizens found themselves eager to explore new land. Most notably they explored south of Kyara planeting numerous deeds to control vital points. The first deed was the Crossroads which served as a rest stop for people traveling. After the discovery of a second tundra south of Kyara they planted a deed in memoriam of BushmanLA because he unofficially retired from Wurm to focus on family and schooling. This was called Bushman Memorial Outpost or BMO for short. From here they grouped up and staged their raids on Goontown and Asgard. With the help of BMO's strategic placement they were able to plant two more deeds to control HotS movement. One of these was the Berlin Wall that controlled a mine between the area of Nexus and Cruorem. To keep an eye on Goontown they planted the deed of Siberian Goon-lag after the tower switch. These two deeds were disbanded after further expansion south was made.

In an effort to end HotS once and for all Kyara and Fort Mole joined together to attempt to destroy the Bone Altar. Two deeds were planted to stake our claim in HotS territory, Madwallaby's Den(MWD) which was short lived, and Erazor Memorial Outpost (EMO). Kyara planted PTO(PT outpost = PTO = platimeover, a WL'er who was banned). While the Bone Altar wasn't destroyed (it was believed to be impossible to destroy) it was a valiant effort on the parts of Fort Mole and Kyara.

Hunting of Artifacts

<to be continued>

The Viking Funeral

<to be continued>

Former Citizens

  • Chumpy
  • Saros
  • harryflash
  • Kryton
  • OTBonger
  • Sixr
  • El Guapown
  • BushmanLA
  • Drlazarus
  • Griper
  • Snkypete
  • alpn
  • lclarke
  • Bloodyhell
  • dedagn
  • Swag
  • Fredrik
  • Kalios
  • Arven
  • Fly
  • MadWallaby
  • REVKhA
  • malize
  • festivus
  • Chimaera
  • Aramis
  • waffen
  • Mslx
  • AKA
  • Strange
  • Beanbag
  • AeroCmdr
  • Sox
  • frank25
  • sokka
  • Vag
  • wolf326
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Kamel
  • Klorum
  • Erazor
  • Tzulscha
  • Codylang
  • Plasson
  • Genferret
  • Monkman
  • sqwurl
  • DalSoth
  • Rameusb5
  • Killer
  • DanVMII
  • Goathill
  • Stalker
  • Stalker1
  • indur
  • Dyzrae
  • StangWild
  • Donner
  • hallpass
  • snipzor
  • bink
  • Blckhwk
  • jcoxxa
  • jcoxxd
  • Caesar
  • Shaz
  • SaderBiscut
  • Loss
  • Solen
  • FalconBK
  • ceelly
  • Angelsilver
  • Grinder
  • Tomba
  • Lothan
  • Gweebo
  • Axyl
  • OTDread
  • zactheAnzac
  • Winter
  • Ashstu
  • Skelzz
  • bfd
  • Salvatore/timmy41
  • bacon55
  • dewoitine
  • AAetius


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