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Jenn-Kellon Golden Valley settlement

This is a Jenn-Kellon (white light) settlement on Golden Valley.

Hill Top Terrace
A village like any other

Size 1 Village








  • Collect any discarded tools and items on the ground and place in the Barnyard house, please try to combine same items such as wood scraps into about 20kg pieces for future fuel for ovens and forges.

  • Think of things to add to this list.


  • Make planks and store them in the Barnyard house,DO NOT PLACE THEM INTO YOUR HOUSE LOCKED UP!!
  • Repair any house walls and fences.


  • Keep terraforming the land east. Create flat land and easy to walk up ramps.

Healing and First Aid

  • Speak to Semicharmed about this.


  • We need new cooks to help lesson the load. Meals are great, but casseroles help too.

The kitchen needs the following items: Meat (fish), vegetables, foraged items, kindling, and scraps or logs for burning.


  • Repair any stone fences.
  • Make stones out of decaying shards.
  • Make bricks. Lots and Lots of Bricks, place them in the barnyard house.


  • Do not open any more mines. Try to mine existing shafts if possible.
  • Shards always need to be mined
  • Extend the main mine with the forge deeper.


  • Smelt iron or other metals laying around.


  • Only if you want to...


  • Do we even do this?

Woodcutting and Forestry

  • Don't cut down ANY fruit trees, willows, or olive trees. Pines can all die. Cut overage, old and very old trees.
  • If there are felled trees that aren't being used then make then into logs.
  • Try to find sprouts for oaks or other trees.

Jobs needed completion

  • Planks for new housing to be built for future residents.
  • Get iron ore from the mine.
  • Rock shards for barnyard, total amount needed is 300 rock shards.Project Stopped
  • Make stone bricks for a path to our hilltop, total needed is 50.Done
  • Cut down all lavender,rose bushes, and oleander bushes. DO NOT CUT DOWN OAK,CHERRY,APPLE,MAPLE, OR OLIVE TREES. Done

Suspected Thief

  • Topking is a thief near here

Other Information

  • If you would like to add stuff to this, please PM (/tell Kiyokox) and with what sections and information.

How to contact us

  • Please either visit our irc channel or PM either Kiyokox, or Semicharmed in game.