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Abandoned settlement

This settlement has been abandoned, disbanded, or otherwise removed from the world of Wurm.

Jenn-Kellon Golden Valley settlement

This is a Jenn-Kellon (white light) settlement on Golden Valley.

Marshy Cove
Bigger don't always mean better.





Marshy Cove

The Community of Marshy Cove was founded by Mercutio of Jenn-Kellon. It is located just east of Scorpion Stone, along the coastline.

We believe in making the most of the area we live in. which means that we do not waste space by making mansions and unnecessary large buildings. We each have our own private area which is only a single tile house with three tiles of personal yard. There is no need for anything bigger because of community buildings for storage, smithing and farming. Each member has their own ovens that will be improved to 20 quality if requested. If interested in joining Marshy Cove, contact Mercutio ingame or Forum PM Tybalt.

What We Offer.

  • 20+ Quality Community Forge
  • 20+ Quality Community Large Anvil
  • Access to Community Dairy Farm
  • Access to Community Farms
  • Community Mines with all Veins but Silver and Zinc(Access to Silver and Zinc near by.)
  • 20 Quality Raw Materials for Improving
  • Fine Fishing Rods Available for use upon Request
  • Clay in Local Area
  • Tar in Local Area
  • Nice Covered Dock for Fishing and Shipbuilding

Community Rules.

  • Everyone gets 2x2 Personal Area, that is all. Houses are not to be over one tile in size.
  • No Slave Labor.
  • Help with community where you can.
  • No Building, Terraforming, Paving or Cutting local trees without discussing plans with Mercutio or Kepler.
  • No Hoarding, of anything. If you have more than you can use in a reasonable time, share with the community.
  • No Animal Abuse. If you can't take care of an animal, you don't need it. Also no beating the cows.
  • Have Fun, it is after all the reason we are all here.