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A Shark
Yes, this creature will attack unprovoked.
No, this creature is unable to be tamed.
No, this creature is unable to be dominated.
No, this creature cannot be groomed.
No, this creature cannot be ridden.
Yes, this creature can swim.
Butchering produces
Meat (approx. 1.4kg/piece), 2 eyes, gland
Meat type
Main / Bestiary / Shark

These huge sharks were apparently not just a rumour. How horrendous!

There are three types of sharks in Wurm lore and vocabulary. One of these exists only as a reference to game mechanics, one you can catch as a type of marine fish, and one is a hostile creature generally referred to as monster.

Types of shark

Server border sharks (mechanics)

One of Wurm's game features is that of traveling to other servers which can be connected at mutual map borders: north, east, south, or west. If you're getting close to a border that is not connected during such attempted travel, you will get orange event messages to warn you:

 You see dark shadows moving beneath the waves.
 An enourmous shark scouts you from below.
 Suddenly, strong winds and waves throw you overboard!

Soon after seeing these messages, you will automatically and repeatedly be disembarked from your ship or boat. If you're AFK and sailing with Autorun enabled, you may be saved from an otherwise certain drowning death. At this point, you must turn around and try another route.

The currents work against you and you get nowhere

If you're too close to the border, this will be the final warning message that immediately disembarks you. Boats have to be turned around using the right-click options Move > Turn item clockwise or Move > Turn item counterclockwise, or being dragged. If you can't drag, you might need to pull or push using Move > Push and Move >> Pull respectively, to get away from the border.


A fished white shark
A fished blue shark

Blue and white sharks are special types of fish that can be caught while fishing and using a fishing rod.

Aggressive Creature

  • The most real and dangerous type of "shark" in Wurm exists as an actual creature/monster. It spawns in deep waters and is passive to players embarked on a boat, although having a red outline when hovered over with the mouse cursor.
  • This shark will only attack players who are swimming, but once it begins attacking, it will continue attacking - even if the player embarks on a boat.
  • Sharks can deal a fair amount of damage, and they have a very high armour value, similar to bison.
  • Sharks will not attack animals being led behind boats unless the animal is tamed or the shark is starving (the same general mechanics as a land creature that is aggressive).
  • Shark spawn rates are not equal on all servers.