Blue shark

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Blue shark
A Blue shark
  • Blue shark (0.40 kg/ql)
Skill and improvement


Living in packs, the blue sharks could be called the wolves of the sea. Only a fool would fail to respect their menacing jaws.


  • Blue shark can only be caught on special fishing tiles.
  • For the animal that lives in Wurm oceans that you can fight, see Shark (creature).
  • When catching blue sharks, they deal a small poison damage wound.
  • Used in some cooking recipes.
  • Can be eaten raw or cooked to relieve a small amount of hunger.
  • Can be used as food for taming.
  • Fish decay extremely rapidly after a few hours in your inventory and out of water. To prevent decay, fish can be stored in food storage bins and in crates.
  • Bait ranking is from 1-10. The higher the number, the more likely that fish is to bite.
  • Fishing time ranking is from 1-4. The higher the number, the more likely you are to see that fish.

Fishing Guidelines

Blue shark
Water types Sea Only surface
Fishing height Any Special fish tiles only
Swim depths 250-1000
Equipment Professional rod
Fishing times Morning 4 Afternoon 3 Evening 4 Night 2
Baits Best: Sardines (none) 0
Cheese piece 1 Corn kernel 1 Dough Ball 1 Fish bait 0
Fly 0 Grub 1 Minnow 5 Perch 5
Roach 5 Sardines 10 Wheat Grain 1 Wurm 1
Weight at 10ql 4.00kg
Multiplier by ql 0.4
Rod damage 1