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Shop sign
A Shop sign
Total materials
  • Shop sign (8.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


A signpost with a place for a shop sign.


  • To customize a shop sign, right-click the sign and select "Rename"; the text and sign-type specified here will decide the sign's final look and displayed message.
  • Shop signs of a low quality don't provide much of a smooth, workable surface on which to write. On the other hand, those of higher quality provide much more usable writing surface. For each point of quality, one letter is able to be placed on the sign (a 50ql sign then offers the capability of holding 50 characters, for example).
  • To plant a sign, right-click on the sign while it is in the player inventory and select "Plant". Once planted, the sign may still be pushed, pulled, or rotated by using the right-click interface. Only the player who planted the sign may rename, move, or remove the sign, however. A minimum of 10 digging skill is required to plant a sign.


Off-Deed Signs

In locations that are not deeded, one sign per Wurm week (21 real life hours) may be planted by a single player.

On-Deed Signs

Permissions allowing, there are no limitations to the number of signs or the frequency of their placement on-deed.

Sign Images

Sign images
Alchemy Anchor Anvil Baker
SS-Alchemy.png SS-Anchor.jpg SS-Anvil.jpg SS-Baker.jpg
Bear and beer Beer Bowl Coins
SS-BearandBeer.jpg SS-Beer.jpg SS-Bowls.jpg SS-Coins.jpg
Construction Crops Helmet Horse
SS-Construction.jpg SS-Crops.jpg SS-Helmet.jpg SS-Horse.jpg
Hunt Lumber Mystery Pirate
SS-Hunt.jpg SS-Lumber.jpg SS-Mystery.jpg SS-Pirate.jpg
Shipwright Sleep Sword & bowl Swordsmith
SS-Shipwright.jpg SS-Sleep.jpg SS-Swordandbowl.jpg SS-Swordsmith.jpg
Tailoring Wine
SS-Tailoring.png SS-Wine.jpg

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