Smoke from sol

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Smoke from sol
A Smoke from sol

This item cannot be crafted.


1 Smoke from sol (0.1 kg)

Skill and improvement

Main / Sorcery Items / Smoke from sol


A crystal vial containing the vicious fumes of Sol that twisted the demons and fuels their madness.


  • Spell granted: Karma Disease (650 karma cost to inflict a 19 damage "infected" wound)
  • Resistance: Physical 10% (Decreases physical damage taken by 10%)
  • Weakness: Poison 10% (Increases poison damage taken by 10%)

Item Use Requirements

You need to be standing in a 3x3 flat area in order to use this.
You need to be in the vicinity of a holy altar.
You need to be in the darkness of caves, sheltered from sight.

Can be used at any altar in 3x3 flat area, within a cave.

  • Note: A normal metal bowl can be used in place of an altar to consume charges from sorcery tomes. The bowl has to be set on the ground, then activate the sorcery item to use on itself.