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A Snowball

Right click on tile and "Collect snow"

  • Snowball
Skill and improvement


A ball of snow that someone makes, usually for throwing.

Snowballs are used to slow decay of food when placed in the icebox of a larder, for some food recipes, for player hydration, and for snowball fights.


Snowballs can be found in Winter by right-clicking a ground tile and clicking Collect snow. Snow starts becoming available on tiles approximately 21 hours after the beginning of Winter. After snowballs are collected from a tile, they will be replenished periodically throughout Winter.

The number of snowballs you can gather from a tile depends on the type of tile:

The tiles must not be within a building.

Snowballs can also be found year-round by collecting from Snow pile Resource nodes. Snowball item count from snow pile nodes is significantly increased in winter, however. For instance, Snow piles below the snow line will yield 8 snowballs instead of 4.

The quality of a snowball is random, with a maximum of 99.00. Average quality is determined by how many snowballs can be collected on the tile, and how many have already been collected in that action. When gathering multiple snowballs from the same tile or Snow pile, they will decrease slightly in quality with each successive snowball you gather. Tiles producing only 1 snowball are likely to produce one at maximum quality.


  • You will find more Snow piles at higher altitudes.
  • Snow will become more abundant over time as winter sets in, and will be much easier to collect.
  • Snowballs have a 12-hour (real life hours) decay 'grace period', during which they will not start decaying in your inventory.
  • A snowball can be thrown at various targets by activating the snowball and then right-clicking the target and selecting "Throw Snowball". No damage or hostility is invoked here.
  • Snowballs cannot be stored in bulk storage containers such as food storage bins or crates.
  • The snowman statue is an additional way to generate snowballs.


Effect of player getting hit by a snowball