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Account types

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== Basic - Non Premium ==
Basic accounts are accounts that have not yet turned premium(never-been-premium) or that have been premium, but are currently not. Basic accounts can be created at the [ account registration page], for free.
Basic accounts serve as a trial for Wurm Online. While you can stay a basic account forever, these accounts have the following restrictions:
* Basic accounts can establish deeds and transfer a deed to premium characters. However, they cannot take over ownership of a pre-existing deed.
* Never-been-premium deed holders may not accept citizens since the characters may become deleted. If a never-been-premium account is deleted, the settlement will disband when upkeep runs out.
* Accounts that have never purchased been premium time are deleted after 3 months of inactivity (a wurmian month has 30 days, so the deletion happens after '''90 days''' of inactivity). Buying premium once means the account will never be deleted.
There are also other limitations as consequences of the above. Some examples are:

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