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Disclaimer: This article is not an official document. It attempts to accurately describe current policy and statements made by the developers, but should not be taken as binding or otherwise limiting. If an authoritative statement is required, it should be requested directly from from staff or the development team.


Wurm online has two types of accounts: basic and premium.

Note: Accounts for the wiki, forums, IRC, etc. are independent of game accounts.

Clarification between launchers regarding accounts

Wurm is now accessible from the original launcher (from and from the Steam platform. To clarify some confusion, a Wurm account is the same as a character. These accounts are not moveable between launchers and each account requires a separate premium payment(if you chose to go premium). Having a Steam "account" or username is not the same as a Wurm account/character.

Basic - Non Premium

Basic accounts are accounts that have not yet turned premium (never-been-premium) or that have been premium, but are currently not. Basic accounts can be created at the account registration page, for free.

Basic accounts serve as a trial for Wurm Online. While you can stay a basic account forever, these accounts have the following restrictions:

  • Cannot raise characteristics or skills above 20, with the exception of faith, which caps at 30, and alignment (up to 100).
  • Can live on all Freedom servers, Defiance, Chaos, and the Epic home servers, but cannot travel to Elevation (Epic PVP).
  • Cannot brand animals.
  • Cannot become a priest.
  • Basic accounts can establish deeds and transfer a deed to premium characters. However, they cannot take over ownership of a pre-existing deed.
  • Never-been-premium deed holders may not accept citizens.

There are also other limitations as consequences of the above. Some examples are:


Purchasing premium upgrades your basic account to a premium account. With this upgrade, all of the above restrictions are lifted. You may purchase premium time from the Wurm Online shop or at a token with in-game silver coins.

If you access Wurm through Steam, you can buy premium through the Steam store. While in game, press Escape and select Store. You can still pay for premium at the token. Any premium payments made through will not apply to Steam-based characters and vice versa.

  • You will now be able to raise all skills above 20.
  • You may brand animals.
  • You may become a priest.
  • You are able to receive control of an existing deed.
  • You may accept citizens into your deed.
  • If purchased through the shop, premium comes with one sleep powder per month. If purchased through the token, you will not get the powder.

Account Type Comparison Chart

Account Type Basic- Non premium Premium
Skill Cap 20 None
Faith Cap 30 None
Characteristic Cap 20* None
Can Become Priest No Yes
Can Brand Animals No Yes
Server Restrictions Yes None
Settlement Creation Yes Yes
Settlement Ownership Yes Yes
Can Invite Citizens to Deed No Yes

* If an account has been premium before and no longer is, characteristics will remain at the level they were at during premium time, with a maximum of 30. (Characteristics are still capped at 20 on PvP servers)