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To set up a delivery, crates need to be placed into a [[wagoner container]] (which holds a maximum of 20 [[large crate|large crates]], 34 [[small crate|small crates]], or a combination).
*Ensure that the wagoner container is planted next to the waystone. * This can be done by activating the container and right clicking on the waystone and clicking plant.
* Select a receiving player for the delivery; that player will receive a notification that they have a delivery pending (similar to mail notifications).
* The recipient needs to then accept the delivery by going to any waystone and right-clicking it and selecting "Accept Delivery."
*Once the recipient has accepted the delivery, the job will be added to the wagoner's queue, and they will start working if they are not busy. * The sender will then immediately get an event message confirming the shipment's acceptance by the recipient.
* The wagoner will drive to the collection container, load up their wagon and transport the crates to the destination waypoint, eventually unloading the crates at the destination.
*If the recipient does not accept the delivery within a set time, the delivery will time out (and the fees refunded if appropriate).( need a timeline in here for delivery acceptance)
*Resizing a deed so their camp falls outside the deed boundaries will return the contract to the owner's inventory as well.
*Wagoners may be set to public or private availability, via their permissions (set by the owner), with options for deed and alliance members.
*You can obtain a wagoner contract from a trader for 10 [[Bank of Wurm|silver]] coins, allowing you to place your own wagoner on your deed. *This gives your deed (or alliance) their own wagoner to use for pickups and deliveries, which speeds up the time it takes for a delivery.
*Wagoners use the new highway system to navigate, so the origin and destination need to be connected via a network of [[waystone]]s and [[catseye]]s
*There may be a delay before the wagoner does the delivery, as will depend on how busy they are


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