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Main / Wagoner


  • The wagoner provides a way of sending bulk items (anything that can fit in a large or small crate) to a particular person in a semi-automated way.
  • Wagoners operate a special wagon for their deliveries.
  • When making a delivery, the wagoner will drive to the collection point, load their wagon, and drive to the destination, unload the goods and then return to home camp.
  • Wagoners will not start another delivery until they have gone back to their home camp.
  • The wagoner will then begin the delivery process again.
  • You may need to use multiple wagoners to efficiently move your freight

Wagoner camp

  • Upon placing a wagoner, they will spawn a camp; this consists of some furniture, a campfire and a place to park the wagoner’s wagon when the wagoner is not on deliveries.
  • While idle, the wagoner may be found sitting at his campfire or asleep on a straw bed in their tent.
  • The waystone becomes the wagoner’s ‘home’ waystone, and the wagoner becomes a citizen of the deed (similar to traders).
  • The camp layout can not be changed and its rotation is determined by the link it has.

Sending items

To set up a delivery, crates need to be placed into a wagoner container (which holds a maximum of 20 large crates, 34 small crates, or a combination).

  • Ensure that the wagoner container is planted next to the waystone. Any waystone connected to the highway system works, it does not have to be close to a wagoner.
  • This can be done by activating the container and right clicking on the waystone and clicking plant.
  • Select a receiving player for the delivery; that player will receive a notification that they have a delivery pending (similar to mail notifications).
  • The recipient needs to then accept the delivery by going to any waystone and right-clicking it and selecting "Accept Delivery."
  • Once the recipient has accepted the delivery, the job will be added to the wagoner's queue, and they will start working if they are not busy.
  • The sender will then immediately get an event message confirming the shipment's acceptance by the recipient.
  • The wagoner will drive to the collection container, load up their wagon and transport the crates to the destination waypoint, eventually unloading the crates at the destination.
  • If the recipient does not accept the delivery within a set time, the delivery will time out (and the fees refunded if appropriate).( need a timeline in here for delivery acceptance)


  • Resizing a deed so their camp falls outside the deed boundaries will return the contract to the owner's inventory.
  • Wagoners may be set to public or private availability, via their permissions (set by the owner), with options for deed and alliance members.
  • You can obtain a wagoner contract from the silver store for 10 silver coins, allowing you to place your wagoner on your deed.
  • This gives your deed (or alliance) their own wagoner to use for pickups and deliveries, which speeds up the time it takes for a delivery.
  • Wagoners use the new highway system to navigate, so the origin and destination need to be connected via a network of waystones and catseyes
  • There may be a delay before the wagoner does the delivery, as will depend on how busy they are
  • Delivery costs 1c per crate. And may also be set to C.O.D. (cash on delivery). Money is not credited to the sender's account until the recipient accepts.
  • The sender can opt to pay the 1c/crate up front.
  • 20% of delivery costs (C.O.D. not included) will go to upkeep for the deed the wagoner is a citizen of.
  • Contracts can cross servers as long as the wagoner is not planted.

Requirements for a camp

  • The camp site is created by using a wagoner contract on a (dedicated) waystone, on deed.
  • Wagoner's waystone must be placed around a cul-de-sac waypoint (only 1 catseye link, no waystones on the border of the camp).
  • Wagoner's waystone and its camp must be on a flat 2×2 tile deeded area (all four tile borders that touch the tile corner the waystone is planted on has to be deeded).
  • Above the water level.


Wagoners can be dismissed either by the owner or when their camp falls outside of the village or their village disbands.

In all these cases, the wagoner will:

  • Complete any current delivery they are performing.
  • Vanish and the contract will become available to be used again.
  • Pending for accept deliveries which have the wagoner assigned will be auto-rejected.


  • Any containers that were sealed for the deliveries will stay sealed, but can be unsealed by the sender.
  • Queued deliveries can be reassigned via the manage-deliveries menu if a wagoner is dismissed. Deliveries reassigned this way will not be refunded and will be carried out normally.
  • Payment for delivery is taken from the recipient once they accept the delivery. From there, it is securely held at the waystone until the delivery is successfully physically made. At that time, it is then released to the sender.

Chat options

When you setup a wagoner camp you will get the option to set how they chat. This is also available on the contract itself.


  • Wagoners may have several deliveries queued - each simultaneously-active delivery requires its own wagoner container. The wagoner will work through the deliveries in order, returning to their home camp after each one.
  • A maximum of one wagoner camp may be placed per waystone
  • You may not select a wagoner camp as the target for a delivery
  • When making a delivery, the crates are left at the delivery point, and will be sealed. Only the recipient may unseal them or load them into a vehicle
  • Wagoners cannot cross server borders.