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Wurm Server Release History

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100210 New deed system
==100210 New deed system!==
* The new deed system is in place!
**The cost for deeding land has been seriously reduced. The Area of Control has been removed. You should now expand your deed instead.
**You may now found deeds closer to eachother. If you want to reserve space around your deed you may expand the perimeter of your deed.
**In the new system you hire guards one by one. All guards are heavy guards.
**You need to change your old deed items to the new item type. Just right-click the deed and select "Replace".
**The new settlement forms will be available at traders on the freedom server when we have verified that replacing works allright and existing deed owners have had a chance to expand their deeds. These deeds are available on wild already because they are needed and can be attacked if misplaced. As usual you right-click the forms to get the options you need.
*Area spells such as Pain Rain and Pillar spells have changed. They no longer can be cast through walls and only have effect inside the house where they were cast.
*The bulk containers now work properly. Their decay rate is set to 5% per month.
==100205 Use them new bulk containers!==
*The new drag and drop bulk containers are working well, and we suggest you start using them as much as possible. There are some naming issues with cereals, dough and bread but those will be sorted out in the next update.


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