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131219 Christmas coming

  • Todays update prepared the server for Wurm Christmas, which will commence at 18.00 GMT on the 23d
  • Karma bolt damage was tweaked a bit upwards
  • Magic wall duration was increased a bit

131216 Adamantine smelting fix. Ancient reimbursements temp enabled.

  • A bug where smelting adamantine ore generated too much material was fixed. Lumps have been set to normal numbers in the database.
  • The ancient reimbursement system (which has been in place since 2007) has been enabled since some players had deliberately left items in it. You have at least until Wednesday to withdraw those items after which it will become disabled again at the next following update.

131212 Xsolla and Loyalty Bonus System

  • The Xsolla payment system has been implemented! A lot of new payment options are now available including PaySafe card and mobile payments via Boku.
  • Expiry warnings are now sent via mail for accounts.
  • In order to increase player retention we have created a “Loyalty Bonus Program” where you will receive bonuses for not letting your premium run out. Bonuses come in the form of titles, achievements and items, most notably illusion potions of increasing quality.
  • We wanted to make the Bonus Program backwards compatible, so we reward existing players for their investment in premium time with items at an increasing scale. You need active premium time in order to receive these bonuses. Go to a token and select Reimbursements to see what you get!
  • A bug where fight skill could become set to max 20 when you ran out of premium should be fixed. Accounts that this happened to should have their skill back to normal or a bit higher.
  • The chance for increasing rarity by combining materials was too high and has been tweaked downwards.
  • The max creatures figure on Serenity was fixed

131209 Legendary titles

  • Some Legendary titles for when the client shows 100.000000 skill were added. Note that that number is actually an effect of the client rounding 99.9999996 upwards but we added it because it’s fun nonetheless. These titles are not available in the Epic cluster, since it has faster skillgain.
  • A bug where your fight skill could get the wrong value if your premium ran out was fixed.

131204 Increased music track frequency

  • In todays update we made music songs in Wurm play more frequently since they were too rare before. We will work on the possibilities for you to control music better eventually.

131202 Catapults, Valrei, PMK tweaks

  • Catapulting skillchecks tweaked
  • Curb damage tweaked
  • Valrei: Demigods will no longer attack friendly gods
  • Valrei: When a Demigod slays an enemy, any items that enemy carried will be scattered on the map. The current Source Diamonds were moved to random regions
  • The ruler of a PMK may now expel kingdom members at will
  • You can no longer invite players with negative reputation since in order to avoid leave-grief-join abuse
  • The Physical Damage buff and Poison debuff for Epic abilities have been tweaked downwards

131114 Minor tweaks

  • Valrei items no longer lose quality level automatically
  • The Continuum spell was tweaked
  • The “everyone” permission now properly overrides other permissions in Village Roles


  • Disabled mailing and retrieving coins from the mailing system due to an exploit

131025 Towers, terraforming and floorboards

  • The current floorboards will look a bit weird until we update some clientside things
  • You may now aspire to become kingdom leader about once per real day
  • Champions may no longer use /transfer on Chaos to convert to Libila
  • Kingdom tower construction and continuing should now check for enemy kingdom 150 tiles away if you build it outside own kingdom and 60 tiles if you build it within

Epic terraforming events were toned down in scale pending tweaking

  • Flattening and levelling is now enabled for caves again

131018 Cave levelling/flattening temporarily disabled

  • The new feature where you were able to raise and level inside caves using concrete had to be disabled for now but it will probably be back next week after some tweaking.
  • Enchants shattering was tweaked and generalized. Some enchants now have a lot less chance of shatters while failing now always has a very small risk of shattering.
  • The reason for some recent crashes was fixed
  • Various epic missions have been tweaked and debugged.
  • The /time command now gives information about when you started playing Wurm
  • There’s a new premium only “/snipe playername” command which will mute the player if enough people issue it roughly at the same time. You have only one snipe per time period. The algorithm behind it is deliberately fussy in order to prevent abuse. The command “/ignore playername” has automatic snipe functionality.

130926 Systems fully functional

  • The connectivity issues that caused our game to be irresponsive have been dealt with and all systems are now up and functioning again.
  • A few new rare crash bugs also occurred that brought the login server down. These will be dealt with asap.

130926 A few custom kingdom changes

  • Since custom kingdoms are meant to be a community feature and not a way to gain extra powers, the requirements to form one has been increased again to 40 players.
  • For the same reason, custom kingdoms may no longer create new alliances. Existing kingdom alliances can remain though.
  • The cost and time for casting wall spells have been tweaked upwards (to 400 karma)
  • We are now using a new support ticket system
  • The friend list has been updated in order to reduce the strain on the login server

130921 Updated the money distribution system

  • Since the bank/login server became overloaded today due to the new money distribution system, we have made it so that you now receive the money once every 60 seconds instead. We are sorry for the downtime and have compensated with sleep bonus.

130920 Money Distribution!

  • We have greatly improved the way money is distributed in Wurm by making it possible to sell low value items to traders and tokens by selecting the item, right-clicking the trader (or token) and selecting sell. You will receive up to 10 iron coins per item like this and may currently earn up to 5 copper coins per hour. You can find a more elaborate description of the system in City Hall at http://forum.wurmonline.com
  • Hate path tiles have been bugfixed
  • When joining a custom kingdom, village alliances are now broken. If you were the head of an alliance the alliance is disbanded.
  • You can now right-click rock shards and select Discard to get rid of them immediately.
  • You can bind SELL in the client console. It will work both for selling and discarding.
  • Mycelium now spreads properly to bush tiles

130917 Newbie buffs

  • Newbies now receive a few buffs the first 24 hours, making it easier to survive in different ways.
  • A bug with mission generation on Valrei was fixed. When there was an enemy in the target hex no mission was generated.
  • Champions will no longer be able to change kingdom under most circumstances.

130913 War declaration fix

  • A bug with war declarations was fixed which caused people to become hunted. You will probably have to redeclare any village wars.

130829 Item decay catching up

  • An old bug with item decay where everything decayed as if inside was fixed. This will cause items in the open to catch up decay and quite a bit of lag after restart.
  • You should now be able to destroy buildings properly in enemy villages
  • Some bugs with catapulting and hunted status was fixed
  • Villages on home PvP servers now have a Notoriety value based on offensive actions of their citizens. It is only if Notoriety goes above a certain amount (currently 50) that other villages may declare war.
  • You may now loot corpses of players that was recently attacked by a citizen of an enemy settlement
  • A bug with the /support function was fixed
  • Farming yield has increased to a minimum of 2 if you farm the field at least once
  • Mission description text now wraps

130812 Alliances fix

  • You can now form alliances on Freedom servers again
  • A bug which caused teleportation near off-deed gates during pvp should be fixed. Like off-deed doors they will remain open for 2 minutes if you are near enemies.
  • Houses without writs will now decay faster. If a house you own lack the writ, please contact gms and they will try to retrieve it for you.

130809 Reputation stuff

  • You will never leave the world if logging off on an enemy home server deed
  • Village war declarations are now active again on PvP servers. Diplomats may declare war on players, walls, fences and tokens. The war will begin when the responding deed accepts or after 24 hours. If this option is abused by other kingdoms to grief on enemy home servers and defenders don’t manage to help eachother out the option will probably have to be removed
  • The bug that has crashed the servers now and then should be fixed now
  • Fixed a bug in the spy prevention system
  • We found a bug with things growing on Affliction so it should start working now.

130801 Creature spawn age, hunted status, settlement guards

  • Sacrificing reborn creatures will no longer advance mission states
  • Several bugs with hunted status were fixed
  • Settlement guards on Epic were buffed a bit since they were underpowered compared to price
  • The “everything spawns as young” change was reverted for now
  • Improved friend list

130726 Destroy Wall option back

  • The option to destroy walls is back
  • A bug where you could become hunted if you attacked a hunted persons pet was fixed
  • Shaker orbs should work again

130717 Equipping and planning fixes

  • Boat ownership can now be given to accounts with names that are longer then 20 characters
  • Archers now get an event messages when their arrow glances of the target armour
  • Toolbelt size now correctly updates when equiped with the keybind
  • Harvesting olives is now possible again
  • You can now manage player payments without having an active item
  • Armour and weapons can now be equiped while they are in a worn backpack
  • Temper and Wash should now work again when the item is activated
  • Alchemy Lore option should now work again
  • You can no longer equip multiple shields
  • Trying to plan a building next to an existing building no longer creates event spam
  • You can no longer flatten or level a deed border without having the correct village permission
  • You should no longer receive equip options for bridles, saddles etc

130711 Hunted tweaks

  • Bugfixes to the hunted status where you could become hunted when killing your own branded creature
  • Fix so you can dispel a large anvil, also means that any enchanted object that you drop will be able to be dispelled as you would be last owner
  • Bugfix with autoequip from corpse
  • Fix for the never ending walnut season
  • Unblocked actions that can ignore use on ground only when using an item on a use on ground only item. Unblocked smelt
  • Fixed code for setting the kingdom on returning to Chaos

130710 Anti-lag and anti-griefing

  • Lag caused by memory leaks when sailing and leading has been looked into and hopefully remedied
  • Anti Griefing: Most hostile same kingdom actions is now illegal on home servers (unless they were already) and will now cause you to receive the hunted status on other servers. These actions include catapulting, lockpicking, killing mounts or branded animals on deed etc. Does not apply to HOTS.
  • Attacking same kingdom players mounts now give proper reputation hit
  • Love path level 11 now have Healing Hands effect and heals and treats wounds double as well, and life transfer is double
  • Drag and drop to the middle of the paper doll in order to auto equip an item. Conversely, if you drag an equipped item from the paper doll to the middle it will unequip.
  • Lanterns at login and the free newbie light was debugged
  • Some fences were fixed when it comes to blocking
  • Deed border markers no longer stay around after settlement founding cancels with an error
  • Chop up action timers now uses a similar calculation as the cut down action
  • the /info command was removed as it was outdated
  • Snuff option on forges and ovens now work
  • Using invalid characters in the manage gates window no longer breaks the window
  • Kingdom banners and flags are now improvable
  • You can now plan house floors with a trowel
  • Corrected growth rate of trees
  • Prune keybind should now work on hedges
  • New trees now use a sickle to harvest
  • Dragging lamps from containers no longer gives event errors
  • You can no longer sow crops in houses
  • Changing locks on a house should no longer cause missing writs
  • Structures with removed extensions are no longer considered unfinished
  • Large anvil should no longer block actions unrelated to the large anvil when activated in inventory
  • Queued actions should no longer cancel when the previous action consumed an unneeded active item
  • You can no longer pave, harvest or pack surface tiles while inside a cave
  • The surface mining steepness check can no longer be avoided by moving

130629 Farming tweaks

  • Farming yield was tweaked upwards
  • Increased skillgain for analyse
  • Crocodiles, Scorpions and Trolls now yield more fight skill when slain
  • Bugfixes for piles inside houses

130627 Crash bugfix

  • Fixed an async bug with communication that caused a server to crash last night
  • Flower pots may now be turned and moved
  • Corpse looting verifies that enemy players are in the same settlement and also checks shorter distance within settlements

130626 Some polishing

  • There’s now a slider in the unstable client so you can tweak the volume of the background music
  • Fireball now does significantly more damage
  • Personal goals and achievements have been debugged and tweaked a bit
  • Libila faith players on freedom servers were set to no deity. They will receive their deity back on Chaos.
  • Higher meditation levels now give shorter cooldown on the level 12 and 13 abilities.

130621 Post-update patch

  • Adding and removing structure tiles should now properly check for permission
  • Chaos terrain was rolled back to yesterday so that bush types were restored
  • Balanced Libila on the Valrei map and changed the way power and vitality are managed between scenarios
  • Made it so that creatures do more reasonable damage to vehicles
  • Fixed stone slab road issues

130619 Summer Release 1.1 now live!

  • Some users are experiencing client crashes or graphical issues. We are working hard to fix them, and would appreciate as many bug reports as possible.
  • All worn gear has been removed and you will have to re-equip it from your inventory
  • You open the paper doll by double-clicking the health bar. New players have a keybind on c. Old players can create a keybind in the console (F1) and type bind c TOGGLE_CHARACTER
  • To find the Quick bar or Skill Tracker, open the Main Menu and click the appropriate button.
  • There are options in the game settings if you want the old body inventory items and the old style quickbar.
  • In order to enable graphics card performance boost, you need to enable VBO Core and GLSL Core in the client settings Compatibility tab.
  • Horse equipment will be in their unaccessible inventory. We are working on a solution to retrieve it.
  • The feature list:
    • Client Performance Upgrades
    • An All-New Mystic Powers and Karma System
    • More New Creature Models
    • Re-Work of the Epic Endgames
    • Kingdom Tabards (worn on the body)
    • Cross-Server Chat
    • New Fence Types
    • Flower Beds and Flower Pots
    • Gravestones
    • New "Analyse" on Rock Ores
    • Foraging and Botanizing Overhaul
    • Modify Existing Structures
    • New In-Game Music
    • GUI: Addition of a Drag and Drop Paperdoll
    • GUI: New icons for climbing, faithful etc
    • Inventory Grouping
    • In-game Skill Tracker
    • Diagonal Roads
    • Falling Tree Animations
    • Support for new Trees and Bushes
    • Personal Goals
    • Horse Bardings

130604 Mission fixes

  • Epic missions are now visible on the Freedom servers, where they may be finished by anyone
  • Bugfix where you did not receive karma or sleep bonus for finishing Epic missions on Freedom servers
  • Epic missions bugfix with the spirit allegiances
  • The bug where an empty message was displayed after a scenario completion was fixed
  • Epic mission bugfix on Freedom servers where you didn’t get karma or sleep bonus
  • When finishing a mission on Epic there’s now a 5% chance that your deity assumes control over a Valrei creature type
  • A bug with the Crown of Might, Charm of Fo and Scale of Libila made it so you didn’t properly make your pets disloyal when they were dropped.
  • You now need 20 fight skill in order to repair kingdom towers under enemy player presense
  • Wrath of Magranon now has 5 minutes cooldown since the 30 minutes made it virtually pointless compared to normal bashing.

130531 Sacrificial knife and Valrei creatures

  • It should now be possible to create the sacrificial knife required for sacrificing missions
  • Nogumps and most other Valrei creatures can no longer be dominated or raised at least pending a long term solution
  • The respawn bug on Epic home servers was fixed
  • Lanterns should no longer take so much damage while you’re offline

130530 Rarity, Alt capping, Freedom missions

  • The quality increase you receive when using rare items was tweaked and improved again
  • You now need 20 fighting skill in order to block teleporting and other effects such as blocking skillgain
  • You also need fighting skill 20 in order to conquer Hota pillars
  • You now need 21 body control in order to stealth
  • A bug where walking onto a tile where someone is stealthed did not properly reveal that player was fixed
  • You now need 21 body strength on pvp servers in order to drag a catapult
  • You can now complete the missions on the Freedom servers
  • You now get the option to spawn on your home server if you die on Elevation.
  • Members of a village may now remove the brand from branded animals

130528 Dominate made harder

  • Many players agreed that the dominate spell was overpowered against uniques, so it is now a lot harder to use against those
  • Source crystals now has the same price as source salt and new ones give 30 karma instead of 10 because their weight changed.
  • The quality level bonus for using rare items have been tweaked and will change a bit again next update.

130524 Skillcap fixes

  • Some skill caps for non-premiums that were missing were fixed
  • Nogump armour was nerfed a bit

130521 Pile, bulk bins, tower influence distance, rare item quality levels, lighting the path

  • Bulk bin functionality changed: Adding to an existing bulk item type does not change ownership of all the items. Adding a new type of item does not change ownership of the whole bin.
  • Piles on different levels in houses should no longer create empty piles when removed.
  • Kingdom towers now account for their 60 tile influence when calculating whether they can be built.
  • Fix: digging, mining and woodcutting products should now get +QL from rare tools.
  • Fixed a reason for Epic mission reports to fail.
  • Creatures special moves now deal a lot more damage. Since your armour now protects against them in a recent update they became too weak.
  • There is now a one minute cooldown for lighting the meditation path.

130502 Shop prices updated. Enable VBO in the game client if you have issues.

  • There’s an issue that certain game clients crash when VBO is disabled. To fix, enable VBO in the settings compatibility tab and select “core” or “extension”. We are working on a fix.
  • The web shop prices were updated with the latest updates:
  • Increased prices by 60%
  • Added new 6-Silver-Coins and 1-Month-Playtime-1-Silver-Coin items for 10 euros as lowest price items
  • You now receive one sleeping powder per month purchased in the web shop. You will not receive sleeping powder when using ingame silver coins to purchase premium time
  • Chances for Fantastic or Supreme items are now 2% higher as long as you are premium
  • Adamantine bonus damage was only applied to destruction actions and not to combat. Fixed
  • Weight calculations when smelting glimmersteel/adamantine weapons changed
  • In order to prevent griefing, you will now receive the hunted tag if you attack hitched or ridden creatures controlled by your own kingdom outside your own settlement
  • Some hota statues should now have proper models instead of the dog
  • Various fixes for settlement screens, mayor managing merchants screen

130423 Some Village/Alliance updates

  • Small fix for Village screens
  • Kingdom level points for pvp didn’t trigger when the player had no decorations
  • Alliance Message-Of-The-Day added
  • Bug fix for friends list when crossing clusters

130417 Archery and reputation

  • Archery now works on swimming creatures
  • Reputation for archery should now work as for normal attacks
  • Outlaw corpses will now be possible to loot
  • You should no longer lose reputation when picking doors outside of villages on pvp servers. You may still lose faith.
  • Camellia hedges will now stop at medium height

130411 Leatherworking and hitching

  • The unpopular leatherworking change was reverted and you can no longer combine leather.
  • Animals should now stay hitched between restarts.
  • Horses should now stand still as long as they wear a saddle.

130408 Cross server friendslist!

  • You should now be able to see the status of friends on other servers and manage the friends list. Chat will come in a later update.
  • Due to complaints from the inhabitants, the animal cap was set back to previous figures on Affliction since it’s a smaller server than the others.
  • A bug wih combinable leather caused leatherworking to display “too poor quality” messages when improving. Will be fixed in the next update.
  • You can combine butchered parts now.

130327 Creatures not entering deed, plus bugfixes

  • Creatures should now properly avoid entering deeds and spirit guards should not usually hunt them outside either unless they bash
  • The area below deeds are now properly calculated when it comes to creature ratio
  • The creature ratio outside of deeds is always considered to be 10 which means more miscarriage and disease
  • Taunting skillgain speed was tweaked down and sould depth gain removed. Some skills were reset to yesterdays values
  • The usual catapult bugfix

130326 More creatures, creature deed limits, and changes to Elevation

  • Animal numbers were increased by 10 000 on most servers as cared for and bred animals now will move less often
  • The tiles per non-human animal or monster on a deed is now considered. Disease spreads a bit easier if you have a lower ratio than 15 tiles, and you will see a bit more miscarriage. The ratio is shown for citizens in Village Info. Also in general, animals that just gave birth will not be in the mood for another mating for about 24 hours or the next restart.
  • A bug with catapulting was fixed
  • The following apply to the Elevation PvP server only:
  • You may now threaten enemy merchants on Elevation when guards are dead. If successful this will make them drop their items. You can also start trading with them. This is in order to deal with them being used as safe storage. Threatening uses taunting skill initially.
  • Settlement guards on the Elevation server now grows stronger the longer a raid lasts.
  • On Elevation as test only: If there are enemies in the vicinity when you log off on same kingdom deed, you will remain in game for an hour. This is in order to deal with alts being used as safe storage and promote defending or running away instead.

130318 Item count per floor level

  • Item count now works per layer in a structure. Due to the rendering issues this may cause, you may only put 5 non-pile items (we call them decorations) per floor tile in a house.
  • You may now rename gifts with the proper player name
  • The creator tag length was increased
  • You may now create a logon message to all your villagers in village settings

130311 Catapulting fix, movement and anvils

  • The reload bugs with catapulting have been sorted. Some skills were reversed and a few 3 day bans for exploiting handed out. There were no really bad cases of exploiting though - good job!
  • Fixed a bug where leading creatures in caves would get them stuck
  • Players should now be properly positioned on bottom floors
  • Large Anvils can now be dropped properly again

130309 Breeding update, crash bugfix

  • A bug that crashed the Serenity server was fixed
  • You may now breed typed animals again.

130308 New terraforming options

If your game crashes when you log on, try disabling VBO in the Compatibility tab.

  • You can now level an adjacent tile if the one you are standing on is flat!
  • You can now flatten tile borders!
  • It is currently not possible to breed creatures of special types. Next update a “bred in captivity” trait will be added which prevents fight skill gain from the creature.
  • The Wrath of Magranon spell was considered overpowered and now only affects the target tile
  • Boat keys should no longer disappear when you change servers
  • There is now a option for moving items in village settings
  • Planning and building is now better blocked when in illegal mode
  • Archery on non-player creatures while penned or on another floor level now properly yields no skillgain since it's too easy
  • The bug where you could not remove build plans of two tiles was fixed
  • Sprout in BSB’s now work
  • Pristine portals no longer require you to be premium to travel to Affliction
  • Chaos players are no longer converted to freedom when travelling to epic
  • Tower guards no longer spawn in other kingdoms perimeter
  • Using the portal from GV should no longer make it impossible to switch kingdoms for 2 weeks
  • You can no longer light campfires inside structures
  • Harvesting with a bucket no longer gives sickle skill
  • Doing things while fishing no longer messes up the timer
  • A bug that crashed the servers was found
  • The bug where lumps had wrong icon will slowly go away
  • Raising rock with concrete now properly sets data for the rock
  • Catapulting messages should have improved and you now shoot the proper amount of tiles. Note that the parabel is calculated based on the height of the tile you aim at. We are discussing adding a some visuals for it or changing the system somehow.

130301 Battlecamps moved again

  • Battle camps on Elevation and Chaos had to be relocated again

130228 Converts to HOTS available for priests on Chaos

  • Priests located on the Chaos server may now use a free faith transfer to Libila using /transfer.
  • Spy (logon) prevention should now be active on Chaos

130227 The Shroud converted

  • The Shroud on Chaos has been converted to HOTS and should function as a start town. Everyone within it’s vicinity had to be converted to HOTS lest they be slain as they log on.
  • A crash bug with catapults shooting one tile was fixed
  • Custom kingdom settings should be properly propagated and saved on other servers so that portals don’t allow auto join for instance.
  • You should now be able to conquer enemy towers within your own perimeter

130226 Catapulting, Tower guards and uniques

  • You should no longer be able to enter the other freedom servers from Chaos as HOTS
  • Warmachine projectiles are now visible and should hit structures more properly on other floors
  • Kingdom guards and uniques will now enter caves through mine doors
  • War camps no longer block deeding as far. The camps on Elevation were respawned
  • Uniques will now bash mine doors and walls a bit more efficient

130206 Floors returned

  • The floors that decayed too quickly should now have returned.

130201 Custom kingdoms on Chaos enabled

  • Custom kingdoms have been enabled on the Chaos server, which should increase PvP activity. This means deeds may be raided. A player in a custom kingdom who leaves the Chaos server for a non-pvp server in the Freedom cluster should be set to the freedom kingdom and back to the custom kingdom when he returns.
  • The Chaos code could not be tested since it’s specific to that server, but there was demand to make it live before the weekend so that people could start forming kingdoms. A fix to Catapulting is in the works which will make raiding easier and releasing this update before that fix will help the transition.
  • You should now be able to invite mayors to custom kingdoms which will convert the whole settlement
  • Inactive non-citizen-owned structures in perimeter should start decaying very fast
  • Mayors may now dismiss personal merchants on their deed if the owner has not logged on to that server for 1 month. Any items on the merchant will be mailed to the owner and remain for 6 months.
  • Flanking modifier is now calculated on your mount if you ride one.
  • Now when you destroy floors and walls which would cause a section of a structure to float in the air, they will instead remain as plans
  • You may now climb down from floor opening plans
  • There’s now visual feedback for the rarity drumroll

130117 Sacrificing for village faith

  • The value of sacrificing items for village bonuses has received a boost in order to keep the number of items in the database as low as possible. The combat rating effect of village war bonus was increased and works at low levels as well. The creation bonus now may give larger rarity window. All effective bonuses are divided by number of player citizens. Hint: The bonuses go down with 15% per day so it’s usually a waste to sacrifice if you manage to max the bonuses out.
  • For the same reason, butchered items now have a lot higher decay rate.
  • You may now examine (and detect hidden) mine doors below the surface of the water
  • Shield bashing skillgain was increased
  • Crushing weapons now do more damage to shields

130114 Tutorial server optimization, reprospecting etc

  • We’ve limited the number of initial faces on the tutorial server a bit, which should mean better performance.
  • Another round of prospecting has occurred on all servers mainly in order to add more marble and slate but other ores may also have appeared
  • The problems with low bushes should be resolved and you should be able to shoot over parapets
  • Server buffersize was increased, so reconnection issues should be resolved for some players
  • Entities on the Valrei map now get back up to half their initial vitality when they survive a map hex
  • A bug where some planning and building situations were not enforced by settlement laws should be fixed

130108 Another reprospect

  • Reprospected various tiles to slate and marble. A few lead, zinc or tin tiles may have been affected as well
  • Armour should no longer disappear from the model as you are dying
  • Various issues resolved with building
  • You should now be able to plan donut shaped structures
  • New HOTA Medallion weights were reduced

130104 The release party broadcast

  • In case you missed the broadcast from our release party you may find it interesting to see a few clips. We’ve added some time stamps for a few highlights. The Timo Räisänen concert just got better and better until the end: http://sv.twitch.tv/codeclub/b/349948471# Enjoy!
  • PS. In case you missed the tweet - we’ve been voted Best Sandbox MMO of 2012! http://sandboxer.org/?p=2874 DS

130102 Memory leak fix and some other client updates

  • Flickering “disco” lights fixed
  • Memory leak in collada animation system fixed
  • There was a bug where you could crash when you watched players enter and exit mines. This has been fixed in the unstable (test) client and we would be really grateful if you could test that so we can get it on the stable client as soon as possible.