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To move about unseen, unheard, unnoticed


  • Body Control gives a better success at stealthing.
  • You must be at least one tile away from another creature or player to try to stealth.
  • It appears to be easier to stealth on tree tiles and more difficult on road tiles.
  • It is possible to completely disappear from local when in stealth mode. However, if another player in local has higher body control, you will fall out of stealth mode.
  • It is possible to be completely invisible to other players and creatures when in stealth mode.
    • Your name will still be visible in village and alliance chat.
  • You move slower when in stealth. The actual amount of speed reduction here needs to be more fully researched.
  • It is easier to stealth at nighttime.
  • Moving on or across roads has a greater chance to unstealth you.
  • Talking in the local chat tab will unstealth you.
  • Using certain abilities such as Refresh will unstealth you.
  • High mind logic players will have a chance to see you through your Stealth.