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Mind logic is a characteristic that can be raised by skills like carpentry, digging, and repairing; see list below.

With 20 mind logic, you can queue 2 actions, making a total of 3 actions since your first action command is carried out immediately and not placed in queue. For every 10 mind logic more, you can queue one additional action. Trying to queue more will give you the message: "You're too busy."

Most ships also require some mind logic to command:

Vehicle Mind Logic
Large cart 20.10
Small sailing boat 20.10
Ship transporter 20.10
Wagon 21.00
Corbita 21.05
Cog 22.00
Knarr 23.00
Caravel 24.00

Note: A head wound can lower your effective mind logic until the wound has healed.

List of Skills that Raise Mind Logic

NB: List continuously under construction and not complete yet.


  • Building wooden house walls is a very fast, if wasteful, way to raise Mind logic.


  • Logician at 50 skill
  • Genius at 70 skill
  • Smarty Pants at 90 skill